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As the mods will surely tell you, people post the same suggestions, bugs, and gripes in this sub. Some hope that an Epic developer will see the post and comment, and little do they know, the developers might have even commented on the topic in the past. So to make life easier I decided to make a post chronicling the most recent comments from the developers. Of course, you could head on over to StormShield.One and see all of the Epic comments on Reddit, or other places that they will post to (Twitter, Youtube, etc).

For now this post only holds the most recent comments going back about two months. I could go back farther, but a lot has changed in the last two months and any farther I start to find issues that have already been resolved and aren't relevant anymore. I may also update the list in the future, but I am notorious for not following through on making a series of posts (based on my history of posting to other subs). Maybe I will. Maybe I won’t. We’ll see what happens when it happens. If I do decide to keep doing this please let me know if i missed any of the developers. Sometimes we will get a one-off comment from an Epic developer that I don’t have listed below, so some comments may get missed.

First, the developers that you may see around here:

Epic Devs that comment and post often:

– u/EPIC_Clintonious

– u/Magyst

– u/PoppinFreshDoze

Comments/posts occasionally:

– u/Epic_Jason

– u/Chris_Attalus

Devs! Please see our appreciation for your dedication to communicating with us! I went through tons of old comments on this quest and I see ya’ll deal with tons of salt day after day. It’s a tough job, but we are happy that you are here. Also, I suggest ya'll set up an AMA sometime to rapid fire answer some peoples questions that don't involve AFK, trade, etc that we hear about everyday. If you'd want, I'm sure somebody could set up a good curated list of questions to knock out.

Recent posts/comments:

Blockbuster Event:

Will we get to choose a hero during part 2?:

PoppinFreshDoze: “End of the quest line you'll get to choose a shadow ops hero. That'll be in 4.5.”

Over a month left of the blockbuster event? Are you serious? — This is part 2… so sounds like another 2 months:

PoppinFreshDoze: “Nope, plan is next 3 client releases (4.3, 4.4, and 4.5) will have Blockbuster quest content. We weren't front heavy this season for various reasons but we're back.”

Blockbuster Llama Hero Drop Rate 1:

Magyst: “Hey everyone! Please keep in mind that you only have the first part of the quest line in the Blockbuster event. There still are more parts of the quest line that come with some amazing rewards.”

Blockbuster Llama Hero Drop Rate 2:

Magyst: “We've run several test on opening llamas since this event has gone live based on the feedback of what feels like lower drop rates. We compared the drops from the last event to this event and the outcomes are within a very small percent of each other. There have been no changes to drop rates for heroes / weapons. Again, when the quest line continues.. players will have the option to choose that specific reward they are chasing… we just aren't on that quest line yet.”

Blockbuster Llama Hero Drop Rate 3:

Magyst: “The last event gave a decision for a hero / weapon very early on in the quest line and players were able to select exactly what they wanted. It is definitely harder to get that specific hero or weapon at this time because the quest line hasn't given you those choices / ticket reward quest yet.”


Craft our weapon/trap schematics at each level we choose – Copper, Silver, Malachite, Shadowshard etc:

PoppinFreshDoze: “This is a feature the design team wants. Not sure when we can deliver it. Something I know I want for sure!”

Will the flame trap be available from llama drops after this week?:

Epic_Jason: “It will be available in the Loot Llamas with the rest of the traps in the near future (currently planned in update 3.5).”

Will the damage glitch be fixed by then?

Epic_Jason: “The damage bug should be fixed before then (update 3.4).”

When do you plan to address the skill point issue?:

PoppinFreshDoze: “We hope to sometime in the next couple of client builds.”

Skill Tree Cap:

EPIC_Clintonious: “We're looking into tweaking the skill tree so people can max out the entire tree.”

Recent Skill Tree Post Update: it's coming soon!

Missions UI

Please change the way you can select missions on console.

PoppinFreshDoze: “Thanks for the feedback. I'll ask our QA team to do some digging.”

Voice Chat

Any chance that the pc voice chat will be able to work with consoles?

PoppinFreshDoze: “It'll be just like BR in functionality.” PoppinFreshDoze: “Anyone in game can hear anyone else that aren't muted. Cross platform.”

If there is going to be voice chat, please don't remove the normal text chat option, I really don't want to use voice to be able to chat with others.:

PoppinFreshDoze: “We're looking at how to improve chat, not take it away. We want to make it useful, give choices, reduce noise for people, and help people talk to those they want to talk to.”

Will voice chat be in game only or will it be available in lobby like br?:

PoppinFreshDoze: “In lobby too. There are cases where it won't work, like when someone is travelling to the game from the lobby. For example, if we were in a party, I could be in a lobby and you're travelling to the map and we wouldn't hear one another until we were in the same space.” PoppinFreshDoze: “If you belong to the same party (not match made) you should be able to hear one another.”

Voice Chat on PC:

PoppinFreshDoze: “It's opt out.”

Is there anyone looking into fixing PS4 Voice Chat. It works, works too well. If I set my chat volume to zero, I still can plainly hear anyone PS4 player with an open mic.:

PoppinFreshDoze: “That's part of the VOIP on PC clean up. Let me know if it doesn't work correctly.”

Please have a way to mute 12 year olds asking for guns:

PoppinFreshDoze: ”We don't yet have the technology to tell if there's a twelve year old asking for guns but you can mute any player for any reason.”


AFK Issue 1:

PoppinFreshDoze: “We're still working on this, hope to have news very, very soon but I still can't talk specifics. Sorry for being vague, we want to get it right rather than get it fast.”

PoppinFreshDoze: “We're on it. I play every day so I know we're as frustrated as you. We're going to get there, I promise!”

AFK issue 2:

PoppinFreshDoze: “I have to say this is absolutely amazing. In one aspect my heart is filled with joy and in another I'm sad that it's a meme. I promise guys, we're working on it. We're somewhat radio silent on this because it's hard to talk about specifics when things are in progress and the last thing we as a team want to do is disappoint you all. Making this game, coordinating efforts, getting all the smart people to solve really hard problems, and doing all the things to make sure things are working as good as fallible humans can make it is a gargantuan effort. We work with love and passion on this game. We read every positive and negative comment with an open mind and heart. We play many, many, many hours with you, our friends and fellow gamers, without saying who we are because we love your raw joy, even rawer feedback, and your company.We appreciate your support and patience.”

“Taxi" is making this game unplayable and needs to be addressed immediately:

Magyst: “Hey everyone! We're aware that this is happening and we're discussing on how to better handle this. This goes a little bit beyond player reporting as these players aren't technically breaking any rules. No doubt the hover turret contributes to this as well (We're also aware at how strong it is at the moment). We made a change a while back that gated players behind quest progression, however, we reverted it because it locked a lot of players behind content they were already doing. We will share more once we have a finalized design on how we plan on addressing this.”


"Aren't technically breaking any rules." You guys are the developers, don't you write the rules?:

Magyst: “Yes, but telling someone they can't zone into a higher level zone doesn't mean players still won't do this. Reporting them, even with the better system, still won't prevent them from doing it. We need to have a better system in place to address lower level players from being able to join higher level content.. regardless if they are brought up by a friend or not.”

Player Reporting:

EPIC_Clintonious: “We're working towards a better version of player reporting into the game. We don't have any concrete information yet but some things we're looking into are: Auto-populating player name. Having a drop-down list for what behavior you're reporting the player for. Letting you know when action has been taken against the player you reported. Still looking into the best ways to go about implementing this in the best possible way but this is what we're discussing currently.”


Would you kindly get the control settings parity of modes somewhere on your schedules (aim settings, controller schemes)?:

PoppinFreshDoze: “We're actively trying to figure that out. StW has a lot more button requirements than BR so it's a challenge. We want parity too!”

Add "builder Pro" settings to save the world:

PoppinFreshDoze: “We're looking into it. No ETA on it but we want it too.”

Emotes From BR to StW:

PoppinFreshDoze: “Totally agree! This is on our list of things to do but not ahead of dealing with perk rerolls, AFK, global chat, and other high impact issues that have been affecting the community. We hope to bring this stuff over when we implement our version of the locker. We also have to do an animation pass on all body types to make sure it looks right. Sometimes it will look right, like the constructor dance that was going around a few weeks ago, and other times it can be very broken.”

When you add a locker are you planning on making emotes crossbuy between BR and STW? If I own it in BR will I own it in STW?:

PoppinFreshDoze: “If you own it in BR you own it in StW”

Ninja Weapon Texture glitch:

Magyst: “We are already aware of this issue and have a bug in place for it. But this is great additional information! Thanks!”

Epic Hero mission reward not delivered:

Magyst “Hey everyone! Just a heads up that we've pinpointed the cause of this bug and will be implementing a fix in the near future. You can track the status of the bug on our Community Trello board.”

BASE Recyling Perk Theft:

Magyst: “This is a topic that I've seen pop up more and more. I've already brought this to the attention to the dev team on how strongly everyone is feeling about this. However, keep in mind that something like this takes some serious backend work. We can't promise this will be implemented any time soon. Update: The biggest thing to take away from this is a better reporting system which is in the works.”

BASE Recyling Perk Theft 2:

Magyst: “I can bring this up to the design team. It's never fun to have someone steal your resources.. especially with the resource cap increased by a large amount.”

STW Loading Screen shows BR Loading Screen:

Magyst: “Hey everyone! We are aware that this is currently happening. This is definitely an unintended bug and we are working on a fix. You can follow along with the status on the Fortnite Community Trello Board

Demolitionist Constructor “Enduring Machine” works for all players in the BASE:

Magyst: “Hey everyone! There is currently a bug with how "Enduring Machine" works. The intent for this perk is to allow the Demolitionist Constructor to specialize as an Explosive Weapon constructor. This perk will allow them to do that very well as it extends the life of your weapons (explosive with the focus). However, the perk currently functions in a way that allows EVERYONE standing on the BASE to benefit from the perk. This is actually a bug and we will be fixing this for v4.2. Demolitionist Penny is definitely a blast to play! However, I wanted to let everyone know about this change a head of time to prevent players from spending a ton of experience on her just for the perk.” Crouching in STW: Magyst: “I feel you on this one! I keep trying to crouch every time I play STW. The team is aware that this is something that everyone wants.. unfortunately we're prioritizing bugs and larger features. But that doesn't mean this will never come. It's on the radar for sure.”

Put BR’s shrinking storms into STW during defences to combat leeching players:

Magyst: “This is an awesome idea. Definitely worth looking into. I think this would be a really cool event.”

Blazing Masamune's new unique perk damages player structures.:

EPIC_Clintonious: “Yeah this one is a bug. It'll get fixed in our next patch.”

Picking up a gift with full inventory makes the excess items vanish:

EPIC_Clintonious: Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We threw it on our Trello board so you can follow the progress on it HERE.”

TEDDY with Bear Stare perk often fails to use eye laser:

EPIC_Clintonious: “I'll get this one reported. Thanks!”

Shock Gunner's increased fire rate will cause the game to lag:

EPIC_Clintonious: “We have a fix for this in our next release.”

Support Squad Bonus 'Anatomy Lessons' (critical hit chance for swords, axes, scythes) doesn't grant the critical hit amount suggested by the tooltip.:

EPIC_Clintonious: “We have a fix for this in our next release.”


If Ray is missing in the new storyline because the Fortnite devs can't get Ashley Burch to voice her anymore, I will cry.:

PoppinFreshDoze: “We love AshleyB. She's not going anywhere. She's the star in our eyes.”

Community Engagement

"We're working on it" and "It wasn't right so we're not shoveling it out" are AMAZING things to hear.:

Magyst: “Unfortunately, the "we're working on it" response has become a meme and we get mocked for it quite a bit. There is just some information that we can't share and that is actually the best response we can give at the time. I am also, by no means, telling the community to stop giving us feedback! We definitely need to keep seeing what is most important to players so we can act on it. But something as big as a re-roll system or new reporting feature isn't something that gets completed over night.”

Global Chat

It’s impossible to moderate realtime messages especially when the game will become free. epics should implement some system for trading. Maybe another tab, maybe "trading store", maybe smth else otherwise nothing will change:

Magyst: “I 100% agree. I find it harder and harder to locate players asking for help with SSD missions. I don't want to trade… I want to help!”

Trade spam in Global Chat:

Magyst: “This is definitely a problem. We've been bouncing ideas on the best way to address trading as a whole (not just the channel). I'll see if I can light some fires to address this ASAP.”

Graphical Issues

Bright spots on screen at mob spawns:

EPIC_Clintonious: “We're looking into the bright box issue that's seen on PlayStation Pros.”

Until next time (if I do another one of these), thanks for all the hard work Epic!

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