Recycling Schematics Gives Reperks & PerkUp back?

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Hello Lovely Community. I am a type of guy that does a lot lot testing with weapons and their perks.

But farming epic perkup and reperks is a bit pain too. Also low lvl perks for twine players.

**SUGGESTION: We get perk up back when we recycle weapon/trap.

**REASONS, Why to Add This Feature? :

  • We got better schematic on same weapon/trap (last perk)
  • Testing weapon failed we don't like weapon/trap
  • They are soo hard to farm already, by recycling we are losing what we EARNED.

A Troll Example Of My Own:

I Fully Perked my OL'Betsy Yesterday. But Now I got a Better Last Perk, HeadShot Explosion. I did not had it on my last 15 schematics for same weapon. So? Now there is no sense for me to go to new perk. As it took me a lot time and hard work to upgrade my existing schematic.


Some people says it will be soo easy. But how? We already worked hard for this. We earned them.

PROOF It's NOT Easy:

  • Twine player get hard times to farm rare,uncommon and epic perk up
  • Stone Wood and PlankTron players get hard time to farm epic, Legendary.
  • Canny Valley players too struggle for Legendary PerkUp.

So, it will be fair! Also main purpose for this is, You want to change last perk of your weapons. Also It's not too easy yet to farm them, so it can't be an exploit any way.

EPIC PLEASE! We need this.

Please let me know your suggestion Friends.

NOTE: This feature must work only when you reperked or perkup a weapon/trap. So invested amount must return only.

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