Red Willow Review – my opinion.

FortniteBattleRoyale5 - Red Willow Review - my opinion.

After my experiments with Red Willow I am ready to add her to my collection book. She’s um, not great. Initially, I was going to compare her to Swamp Knight in a side-by-side experiment when hubby and I were playing but. That’s completely out because she’s nowhere near on the level with Swamp Knight.

For my experiment, I didn’t use any guns, weapons, or other weapon abilities. In addition, I didn’t use my turrets. I was seeking maximum possible damage through her perk and the hero loadout.

Just basic information – I leveled her to maximum level 50. Upon the start, I get 4 phase shifts and I ensure I get the battery pylon to boost energy.

For my loadout I used: HAPPY HOLIDAYS with Plasma Arc, Phased Out, Phased and Confused, Un-Eggs-pected Departure, Phase Siphon

For my abilities, I used: Slow Field

I started with a 160 4-Atlas, it was a disaster. There was so little damage done to the husks, even the regular and husklings. So, I decided to use the slow field, and still there was so little damage and I died, A LOT.

Next, I played a 140 Rescue the Survivors. I purposely sought out the RV survivor, so I could get a huge mob of enemies. Slow field worked nicely but the damage to the husks were incredibly disappointing. Especially with the healing husk ladies, nope, still not viable in this level


NEXT, I played a 124 Encampment mission. First encampment went okay with the slow field. It took much longer than using guns and weapons. But it was manageable and doable. Second encampment, with multiple rounds proved very difficult. I literally couldn’t make it past the third round. I died over and over again. Not enough damage was inflicted on the husks. I am submitting screenshots on the amount of damage that they took. It’s not a lot and I was phasing, phasing, phasing back-to-back. I never stopped.

FINALLY, I played a 116 Encampment mission. First encampment went pretty well and was able to kill in less than 2 minutes without a slow field. Second encampment, I was able to pass it with the slow field. If I didn’t, I MAY not have been as successful. The third encampment, I was having difficulty because the slow field is slow to regenerate, and again, the damage amount is not the greatest but it was still viable at this level. In conclusion, as a Commander, I think she’s viable in levels 116 and below. Her phantasm damage is extremely disappointing. Yes, you’re getting almost unlimited phase shifts with a decent amount of phantasms but if the damage isn’t there then what’s that point? I just spent a couple of hours playing with my hubby to get this hero and she’s pretty subpar. What’s everyone else’s experiences? What loadout are you using? I REALLY, REALLY wanted to like her.

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