Refer a Friend: How we can interest newer players to progress.

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As a previous avid Destiny 1 player, if you had a friend or knew someone that just started playing the game and they or yourself have been playing for less than a week, you can enlist yourself and that person into the refer a friend program and progress with each other through the game while unlocking some exclusive rewards as an incentive to keep some players interested and allowing veteran players to gain access to some new content. A couple emotes, an exclusive sparrow, some legendary swords, etc.


My point is that if Epic were to add a program such as this and allow us to link ourselves with newer players just coming into the game, it would add an incentive for veterans to go back and teach them how to play STW while also enticing newer players to actually start to learn how to progress, rather than trade. Each time the two of you reached a certain threshold together, you would receive a reward. The way I see it, it could potentially cut down scamming, give the vets something to do in the meantime, and influence the community to grow, rather than having the majority stick themselves in scam-boxes after seeing the cool things they could obtain.

To add on. In order to progress through the quest, both players would have to complete the objective in unison, you cannot just rush through it on your own. Doing the missions together was the only way.

Would love some feedback on this. Kind of just popped up in my head when I put in Destiny 1 after a long time.

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