Remediation For Difficulty Scaling

FortniteBattleRoyale6 - Remediation For Difficulty Scaling

There were many things Epic got right with the difficulty scaling but it is far from being complete.

The problem you have now is balancing out materials to missions.

You cannot currently gain anywhere enough Tier 5 mat's to be able to keep playing high end Twine missions. Almost all the mats I had saved up over months went in the space of 4 days.

Not having zones that are purely Tier 5 materials is not logical as it can only lead to players complaining at some point that they cannot keep up the resources to keep playing the missions. I farmed for over an hour last night for Oxidized and gained about 70 which is just ludicrous. That will give me maybe 2 or 3 128 missions depending on the mission. I really don't think Epic understands how much materials a player can invest in a 128 4 player fight Cat 4 storem or you would have made them much more accessible.

Tier 5 Mats from expeditions needs to be fixed as this is what many players use to keep up with the materials they need to play daily.

Mission rotations that have been happening at irregular times may well have been a mistake as the timer still times for 6 hours. This being said these rotations are a good thing, I think the majority of players are happy with the constant change and this should stay.


Epic and Legendary perk missions are however still far too rare. I still don't understand the block on perk missions as they affect nothing on Epic's side. Who cares how many weapons a person can evolve to all gold or epic perks this just adds to the diversity of game play. 4 x Perk missions should be tripled and there should always be one available either in Twine or canny. Get rare and uncommon perk out of Twine for good. If someone needs some they can slum it and drop down to Twine or Canny.

Pick Axe – Why would you also scale down the damage for the pick axe in plus 100 missions when it is already at maximum, yes I can understand all of the other scaling but the pick axe should have been removed from this. All this has done is make it even slower to farm tier 5 materials with no hope of being able to increase pick axe damage except by wasting one Hero Perk Slot using Jess for the extra pick axe damage. As an example a llama in a 100 zone was 18,000HP now in a 116 it is over 33,000HP.

No rare schematics or caches in Twine, the effort involved in killing a boss in a 100 plus mission deserves a reward of epic or legendary proportions not a kick in the balls which is what it feels like most of the time.

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