Reminder that Military Llamas will be gone once v9.20 arrives tomorrow!

FortniteBattleRoyale2 - Reminder that Military Llamas will be gone once v9.20 arrives tomorrow!

Now that patch v9.20 has a confirmed time for arrival, see this thread , it seems like a good idea to remind people that Military Llamas will be gone once the downtime is over tomorrow.

Q: How do you know the Military Llamas are disappearing in this patch?

A: The most recent roadmap mentions it here under the v9.20 section…

…and Magsyt reconfirmed it in the comments here…

Q: When does the downtime start for patch v9.20?

A: June 6th at…

1am PDT

4am EDT

9am BST

10am CEST

6pm AEST

Q: Do the summer tickets I have right now go away or get converted into anything?

A: The new event llama that replaces the military one will use the same summer tickets. So any tickets you have unspent before downtime begins will still be there after the servers are back up.

If there is still something you want from the military llamas then you must keep buying them until you get what you want, or until you run out of summer tickets, or you run out of time before the downtime begins.

You will have another chance this year to get anything remaining you missed out on when the birthday llamas arrive in season 10.

Q: What happens to my unspent summer tickets at the end of the season?

A: Any event tickets left on your account will be autoconverted into the current event llama that is running. So for example, if you had enough tickets to buy 12 llamas but you forgot to spend them then they will get autoconverted into 12 llamas and added to the llama queue in the top right of the Loot section in game.


Also, Fortnite will round up the amount of tickets you have to the next nearest llama. This means that if the amount of tickets left would have allowed you to purchase 12.3 llamas then it will be rounded up to 13 llamas!

Q: When does season 10 start?

A: Following the in game countdown in BR mode it currently puts season 10 starting on July 24th/25th. However, this could change if they decide to have some last minute overtime extension.

Despite what the in game countdown shows, /u/Vault_Dweller9096 has found that Season 10 is due to run until Aug 1st. You can see this just under the big yellow Download button in the top right of Epic's site…







If you have any other questions then ask away below in the comments!

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