Reminder that you can prevent smasher charges with partial floors.

Fortnite home fn battle royale 1268x717 cf9fa8a783c249aa8d6929126e29f5f190620357 1024x579 - Reminder that you can prevent smasher charges with partial floors.

I feel like one of those tricks that frequently gets overlooked in construction is that partial floors confuse smashers and they will not charge when they see them. If a partial floor (any floor tile with parts edited out becomes a 1/3rd high wall around the remaining parts) is in a smashers way, the smasher will never charge the stuff behind it and will stop to attack the floor instead.

However, adding a full ring of partial floors around an objective can get expensive for mats, so I only do this if I know we are going to have a tough defense (for me, typically any level 100 four man or any mission with really tough storm modifiers). My mission setup for close to the base in super hard missions is (going in a straight line out from the objective in all directions where mobs can approach):

  • Objective -> standard wall -> Sloped wall -> Standard floor under the sloped wall with a floor launcher -> floor space with freeze trap -> Half floor

Note that the freeze trap space sometimes needs to be left out if there isn't enough room. I tend to put a gas trap over the freeze trap for super super tough missions, but if you aren't using a gas trap, you could use wooden floor spikes for the slow instead of a freeze trap.

Obviously, if the objective is a 1×1 atlas, you don't need half floors as much because you should be making a pyramid to prevent damage from smasher charges.

Also note that something you really need to consider is that smashers will charge the players. If you are standing in front of a ramp, the smasher will charge you into the ramp. That is one reason I love the half-floor strategy, because players can stand behind and shoot over half floors and the smashers will not charge them.

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