Repair the Shelter “No Build” Strategy

FortniteBattleRoyale5 - Repair the Shelter "No Build" Strategy

I couldn't find a post on this yet, but if there is one, please let me know; I'm sure some people already know of this strategy.

tl;dr: Out of the possible group (4x) missions, Repair the Shelter is extremely efficient to grind for rewards in terms of time and mats. Finding all 8 modules can be commonly done in less than 8 minutes, the defense itself is only 4 minutes, and the mission can be readily completed without building at all around the shelter.

tl;dr 2: just don't build lol

Backstory: I joined a Repair the Shelter mission and was planning to build around the shelter when a player started destroying all of my walls and telling me not to build. Though I initially thought that he and his friend were griefing, I decided to go along with their plan. We found all 8 modules quickly, and then started the defense. It turns out that because the actual defense phase of the mission is so short, you can clear the mission with just a few defenders on the ground, some Hover Turrets/TEDDYs, and some light shooting. I was able to replicate this RtS "no build" strategy successfully multiple times after this mission.


Yes, everyone knows that Save the World missions are pretty easy in general, especially as you become overleveled, but I think that RtS is peculiar because the mission is actually more straightforward without building compared to with building, where your teammates might accidentally set up walls that Smashers will charge at. Additionally, by minimizing building, you can place ground-level defenders that have great line of sight and can readily penetrate multiple enemies. You only really need to place traps if a trap-vulnerable Mini-Boss comes up.

If anything, I'm mostly disappointed that I didn't come up with this strategy myself, since it's so obvious in retrospect with the current state of the game. Perhaps 7.00 will have a fair number of nerfs, but until then, you might want to consider getting some friends to grind 4x RtS with. If you are loading into public missions alone, know that some people may be hesitant to trust you and will build anyway, which is understandable. Despite this, I've found that many people are receptive to the strategy and are happy to cooperate by focusing on searching for modules.

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