Replace matchmaking with a game lobby.

Fortnite Battle Royale Halloween 1024x576 - Replace matchmaking with a game lobby.

This is not a competitive game and the population of STW is enough that we no longer need a matchmaking system. Instead, we need a game lobby for each mission on the map that allows the originator to set parameters such as the following:

PL range

Difficulty increase restrictions

Whether or not people can join after a ‘defend the objective’ has been started.

Class limits


After the user has created a game, they can enter and everyone would be able to see how much time is left in the game if there is a limit, whether the main objective has been started, and who is there. They can then decide if they really want to enter that game or not. The original creator of the game would not get any special powers like private game to kick people out, but would at least be sure that the people who join meet whatever specific criteria they set.


If people don’t like their options, they can make their own game. This would solve low levels entering games where high levels don’t want them, but also allow high and low level friends to play in public games if they want other randoms to join. This would also allow low level players to keep high level players out of the game if they think it's too easy and boring.

The major problem would be similar to the problem now. While the player base is large enough, they are only playing certain maps unless that map has special rewards like tickets or leveling mats. So for this system to work best, mission types at each level need to be less random, or allow players to simply choose the mission type they want and have the special rewards (tickets or schematics) be there regardless of mission type (could limit this to defensive missions if they don't want people just running radars/encampments/survivors) so that players are more inclined to do all the missions instead of just a certain few.

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