Good News Everyone! First of all, lets all wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and hope everyone gets the joy of spending it with friends and family, real or virtual.

So, I am sure the click bait title got you to click on this, so before we get into a 10min and 5 sec article on the new event store, make sure to smash that like button and ding that bell for future posts from me.

But yes, the report system works! But I can hear your PRESS X FOR DOUBT already comments, and you may ask, HOW DO YOU KNOW MOTOMAT? Well I have proof, and no, its not the silly bear. Its the actual ban image we all been waiting for someone to post on.

But before I show you the juice of this article, lets lay some groundwork on how the ban actually came to be. For almost 3 months, basically since Fortnitemares 2.0 started I created a new fresh account for the sole purpose to get banned, or atleast in my mind, prove the system is broken. I afked all through the game, got rushed through ssds and afked the delicious Vbucks missions. But nothing, no warnings, no bans, and my name was Report Me I AFK. (


When Epic created the PL Gate that actually worked and stopped taxi's with a higher pl in group, I gave up on this project, that is until fortnitemares. That is because all events in Fortnite as based on SSD progression, not level. So I thought, well a low lvl pl5 in pl76 fortnitemares must be enough to get a ban, right? Sadly no.
Fast forward to Frostnite, where the new "high end" is pl100 event missions. I decided this is my chance. A pl8 afking pl100 Frostnite missions, forever, until something happens would be the best test I could think of. Once the event went live (i think 12/11/18) I booted up a spare PC and afk'ed the game, only checking in on it once a day to make sure my internet didnt crash on it. On 12/16/18 I got a surprise! My first warning message, ever, in the game.

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1st Warning Picture

So With the "threat" that maybe the system works, I continued on. With that, I clicked a few things and off to the ban wave I hoped I was headed to. And now, finally, here it is, on 12/23/18 I got my Christmas Miracle.

Ban Picture 1 Ban Picture 2

So there you have it, the proof we all wanted to hope for.

TLDR: to get banned in StW it takes about 300 hours of consistent AFKing


So interesting enough, on a banned account you can still log in the game, show up as online on a friends list, purchase llamas, upgrade guns, basically play inventory simulator 2018. Just cant load in a match. So….even if you get a 1 day ban, you wont miss out on a daily reward or llama or anything…..

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