Results of some testing with Broadsides and Blakebeard

FortniteBattleRoyale2 - Results of some testing with Broadsides and Blakebeard

Ok, so there has been a lot of debate as to whether or not Blakebeard's perk (+20/40% Cannonball Damage) affects Broadside traps, as we have no damage numbers showing it is a bit difficult to test this with a mathematical approach, so I decided to look into it via kills. Now I had some requirements for this to feel "accurate" and they are:

1) Mobs must be the same power level in the test with Blakebeard and without.

2) Mobs must be the same type (I used the Beehives, I'll explain why later.)

3) Mobs must be the same element in both tests.

4) Mobs must be hit by a single cannon ball, no bounces or multiple hits to be credited toward the test.

After some searching and preliminary tests I noticed that PL82 Bee husks would be 1-shot by my PL 82 (down-crafted) Broadsides WITH Blakebeard, but as the PL 82 Standard Husks took 2-3 hits I felt it was a safe assumption that they were BARELY being killed by the broadsides, in addition Bee Husks are always Physical, so this simplified the approach. I setup a single broadside outside of an encampment, used single target weapons to kill everything except for bee husks and a singe Pitcher (so I could reset the wave by running from it, and due to it being ranged I could control it's positioning more so it didn't get hit by the broadside.)


I tested this on a total of 10 Bee husks, they all died in a single shot. There was no instance where they were hit by one, and a moment later hit by another. Their health went from 100-0 in an instant. This happened every single time, not a single PL 82 Bee Husk survived a single hit from the Broadside. It is important to know that no Atlas was placed, so nothing along the lines of Supercharged Traps increased the damage.

I swapped out of the mission and loaded up my Gunblazer Southie build, this is a purely Pistol build, nothing enhancing traps in any way and no Blakebeard equipped to provide damage boost. This means my Broadsides IF they are affected by Blakebeard's perk should be dealing reduced damage. I went into the exact same mission, found an encampment and repeat my test. What I found was quite interesting – Out of 13 Bee Husks, only 3 were killed in a single hit, which I can attribute to the Broadside having a base 10% chance to crit. The exact same trap, the exact same mob type, element type and Power Level as before, but for the most part always had ~10-15% health left.

I feel that after this experiment it is safe to assume that Blakebeard does indeed affect Broadside's damage. Furthermore, the test process is very simple. If you would like to run the test yourself (duplicating it exactly) the Broadside Schematic I used is below.

sm26d0bfcdp21 - Results of some testing with Broadsides and Blakebeard

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