Rethink this whole “First post on X item/hero so it’s the only one allowed.” It’s not helpful.

FortniteBattleRoyale2 - Rethink this whole “First post on X item/hero so it’s the only one allowed.” It’s not helpful.

Before I start, I want to establish that this is in no way meant to be a d*ck. I’m just voicing my opinion and a suggestion to better help this community. I understand the initial purpose of this and why it’s implemented. (To prevent spam.)

This is mostly in regards to this post being the only one allowed regarding the new weapon.

Why is this an issue?

Not only does that post have little to no information regarding the weapon, it’s just a basic shop post. It only tells me the cost of the weapon and that it.

This post fails to give me the following important details:

  1. Default rolls.

  2. Best perk rolls.

  3. Damage when maxed out.

  4. Any sort of perk combination.

  5. Wether it’s locked to x element or not.

You can compare the above post to this post that touches on 2/5 things I mentioned. It was removed due to the current “if it’s the first post it’s allowed regardless of how it gives little to no information.” Even though that post is far more informative then the currently only allowed one.

Couldn’t you just get on to see it’s perks?

Not everyone can get on discord due to traveling, or work. It’s unreasonable to assume everyone can get on every day when a new item or hero comes out. There’s been several post about people traveling for a week and given that it’s the holidays people are still not home.


This system needs to change. There is no way we can have a healthy discussion about any new items or heroes if we are restricted to that one post. No one is allowed to post its default rolls, or its best perks. I’d hardly say you can cover any hero or weapon in just one shop post without its stats or anything more to it.


If it becomes too common obviously put a stop to it. But when there’s no issue yet and it hasn’t been overly discussed so there is no reason to restrict it being discussed. This isn’t the same old AFK discussion. It’s a new topic.

If people can’t reasonable determine when something becomes overly saturated to limit it being discussed then I’m not sure what to tell you.

Use the weapon chat for the sub reddit

Why should I be limited to just a chat for discussing stuff? Not only does this lack the ability for me to just search for the post, it also takes away activity from this sub reddit. The chat wasn’t even on topic last time I looked at it and I personally won’t use it because of this. If everyone only used the chat then it’s just going to be constantly asked over and over. Rather then just being able to search the sub for any post.

TLDR: You can’t discuss anything new in just one post and it prevents any healthy discussion regarding said new content EVEN THOUGH it hasn’t even been overly discussed yet and become spam. This is an entirely new topic and shouldn’t be treated as if it’s AFK post.

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