Retooling (Buffing) Team Perks

FortniteBattleRoyale8 - Retooling (Buffing) Team Perks

Right now, there's about 3 good team perks:

  • Blast From the Past
  • Totally Rocking Out
  • Happy Holidays

With a few more situationally good perks:

  • Bio-Energy Source (when it works correctly)
  • Underdog (Honestly, deserves a simple numbers buff)
  • One-Two Punch
  • Dim Mak
  • Supercharged Traps
  • Endless Shadow (I'm of the opinion that this should just be combined with Dim Mak)
  • Soaring Mantis (Needs a small buff so it doesn't control like garbage)

That leaves a lot that are just outclassed, and I think there could be a lot of fun experimentation if they were brought up to rival the others. It'd be fun to see changes of pace and new playstyles borne form the less-than-stellar team perks.

You may read some of these below and say "Wow, that seems kinda OP", and my counterpoint is "Happy Holidays essentially gives you nearly 200% ability uptime with no serious Hero restrictions, so I feel like Team Perks are kinda designed to be in that OP wheelhouse"

Trick or Treat: Reduces Phantasm cooldown to 1 sec. Phantasms grant 50 Armor for 10 seconds, stacking up to fifteen times (instead of healing). The main point behind the Phantasms is the benefit of the lifesteal, but this survivability is overshadowed by BFTP by sheer health volume, and the second phantasm isn't enough of a major boon (Oh boy, 62 base damage every 6 seconds!) compared to the increased armor and damage BFTP can output. This would give it a more AOE-damage focus, with a better focus on the "edge of health" bonuses associated with the benefiting sub-classes (You have 10% health, but up to 750 armor)

Phase Blaster: All non-explosive shots pierce. Headshots return ammo to the magazine. This is another Team Perk outclassed by BFTP + Rex Jonesy in Ranged DPS (47 Energy damage every 5 seconds. Really?). This gives it some individuality, and makes it more of the go-to if you're looking to really amplify ranged damage, without being abusive.

Long Arm of the Law: Increases AMC Range by 1 tile, and provides a 50% chance to gain double resources Once again, BFTP + Dino Southie outclasses any farming benefits derived from LAOTL. Giving it the opportunity to potentially outgain everything else brings it back into a niche of its own.

Z.A.P.: All non-elemental damage (weapon and ability) is converted to Energy damage. In addition, ZAP has your back, dealing 105 Base Energy Damage to a random enemy every 6 seconds. This ability is outclassed by damn near everything. The Space Explorer set is all about Energy damage, so it might as well go all-in with the playstyle. This would also bring Energy builds into the later game, where having Physical +44% damage bonuses turned Energy would almost rival Correct elements +20% bonus.

Shake It Off: Immunity to elemental status effects. Damage doesn't interrupt the player (on hoverboard or collecting items) Reduce damage from beehives, acid pools, and the storm by 75%. An alternative for melee builds to help them in close quarters, or for players with no bigger playstyle to go into. It's a neutral-game bonus that shores up any builds that are just good on their own.

Pre-Emptive Strike: The first hit against an enemy is a guaranteed critical hit. Once again, the current version pales to BFTP + Rex Jonesy. This isn't the biggest DPS increase, but it does turn a lot of encounters into one-shots, and can be combined with some high-damage weapons for devastating results.


Slow Your Roll: Freeze any enemy that attacks you for three seconds. Another neutral-game bonus for melee/defensive builds that just want that bonus. The previous restriction of not freezing Mist Monsters decreased the value of it and made its defensive properties- say it with me- worse than BFTP. It also makes it worse than Happy Holidays with any freeze-capable hero. This ability pretty much gives every Hero the opportunity to stand in front of a Smasher charge to protect their objective, something that would be unique to this Team Perk alone

Shifting Gears: For every Outlander, increase range, speed bonus, and speed duration of Phase Shift by 30%. Let Outlanders be Speedy Gonzalez. I have no clue why this perk has a downside for something so meager in the first place. Without changing the entire purpose of the perk (Or making it generic like For every Legendary Hero, gain 15% Movement Speed), Shifting Gears will always be a niche perk, but it can at least be a decent niche perk.

Hot Swap: Nothing wrong here, Epic. Just add more weapon slots, for fuck's sake. Maybe increase the per-stack bonus to 21% or something.

Cool Customer: With Stay Frosty Active, using an ability costs 0 Stamina and reduces cooldown of all abilities by 5 seconds. That's it. Just remove the fact that it ends Stay Frosty, lower the stamina cost and now Soldiers have a different way to burn cooldowns that actually would rival Happy Holidays. Imagine, kill three enemies, empty your grenades, Shockwave the floor, and War Cry it up. Kill three more enemies, and your cooldowns are nearly back. Just like HH, but with a more fun rotation of action. This would need a bit of tweaking to be viable in comparison, but its current state ain't it.

Blakebeard's Stash: Now requires only 2 Pirate Heroes. Peg Leg deals Energy damage. This one's pretty good already, but the requirements cripple it so badly, especially considering that it railroads players to one specific playstyle. I may also advise a change to Coconuts and Cannonballs like both of them being permanent items with a cooldown, but the cooldown is reduced based on how many you collect, so you get stronger as time goes on, but I don't know if that would tip the scale a little too much.

Recycling: Permissions are locked to the Player. Also grants a copy of 5% BASE-affected traps every 30 seconds. Seriously, it's been nearly three years that people have asked for permissions on Recycling. Furthermore, being the person who sets all the traps sucks so bad because you don't get any bonus reward for clearly spending the most materials, and it leads to a shitty "Mexican standoff" of who's going to trap up the objective (especially in high-level areas, where trapping is necessary). This would hopefully alleviate that dilemma (It'd also make more people play constructors.)

BOOM BASE: Now only requires one Steel Wool Member, or Two members of Steel Wool/Rocking Out set. Instead of previous bonuses, now grants 30% Movement Speed, Fire Rate, Reload Speed, and Weapon Durability while on BASE-affected tiles. This one feels self-explanatory: No constructor can benefit from two steel wool heroes, and the benefit for sacrificing a team slot needs to be way better.

Keep Out: (What it currently does) + Energy Damage is also increased by 40% per stack. This is actually a decent perk until you get to the areas where 12 damage is a tickle.

Round Trip: Honestly, I'm not sure. This has approximately the same benefit of Happy Holidays (Doubling the ability damage), but doesn't affect the Ninja's two other abilities. Maybe just give it more stars per throw?

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