Returning Player. I just crafted some Nocs for a player and blew his mind.

Fortnite Battle Royale Halloween 1024x576 - Returning Player. I just crafted some Nocs for a player and blew his mind.

I've just returned to FN after a 9 month break, and damn, the state of the community really shocked me.

With the gold being in SSDs i though id take the opportunity to run the last few SSDs at my first base, to kinda get back into the groove. Threw a message in global and after a few minutes only had one bite.

Invited him in and we did the SSD. He saw i was using PowBase Penny and asked if I had a Noc. I do but never use it. He asked if he could give me all the mats and get me to make a couple. I said sure.

He gave me the mats, i picked them up, and I made him 2 legendary nocs.

He legitimately couldnt believe i actually did it, and explained some of the experiences he's had recently with other players offering the same, and it really bummed me out. Taking his stuff and kicking him never even occured to me, because 1 its a d*ck move, and 2 if i wanted mats that bad, I just play the damn game for 10mins and get my own without ruining someone elses fun.


At launch pretty much everyone helped everyone. Especially in SSDs. It was very common for the 4 stangers to quickly figure out who had what and drop a bunch of weapons to share with the group. Yes they will brake, but it makes things a bit easier and fosters goodwill.

Anyway, we added eachother as friends and i told him to hit me up anytime he needed a replacement, and we chatted a bit about how we hope the perk rolls will apply to founders weapons.

I'm now torn with just hiding in founders chat from now on, or making a deliberate effort to improve players experiences by trying to replicate interactions like the above.

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