Revenge is not a dish best served cold

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TL;DR: Player tried to "scoop" up all the materials from a llama. I decided to drop a 130 neon sniper and 130 noc for the other players.

I was running a RtS mission in Canny Valley yesterday to get some epic perk. I have been using the Reclaimer Outlander because I played as a soldier all the way into mid twine and it is fun changing things up. Most times I take llamas to the build site or other players because I like to be nice and try promote a good community. I dropped a llama near a Havoc Rescue Trooper and started to hit the llama. They started running circles around me scooping up all the materials. The crazy thing is I was planning on leaving and not picking up anything because I was maxed on materials and did not need the extra materials that dropped. I stopped hitting the llama and left. Against my better judgement I stated in chat, "I was going to give you all the mats from that llama.". They replied. "Or I could run around and get them all myself.". I was mad and almost left the match but I had already built all the walls and traps on the objective so I decide to stay. One of the other players asked me about the neon sniper and how they wished they had got one but had missed out. They did not beg for it but just made a comment. I decide then to get my revenge on Havoc. I dropped the 130 sniper (all legendary perks) and told them they could have it (about 75% durability). I then went over to the other player and dropped a 130 Noc with all legendary on it. They both thanked me and said that was awesome. Yes, I know they may trade them but I did not care at this point. I just wanted Havoc to realize he had made not made a friend and being a cotton headed ninny muggin was dumb.

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At least the Havoc did not try and sabotage the mission. That was what I thought their reaction might be. So, right before the mission ended I made the comment. "Lesson learned… Don't be a douche." The 2nd player ended up sending me a friend request and thanking me again for the gun. That was nice of them. I offered to help them with SSD missions in the future and help with other missions if they needed it and I was available. No, I don't taxi people but I do drop into lower level missions to help people.

So, I have had a mostly positive experience with the game. High level players dropped me some decent weapons early on. Helped me with SSD's and in general were nice players. I have tried to do the same but dammit people should try and be nice and usually people will be nice back.

Okay, back to looking for survivors because "I kNow thEiR oUt tHerE".

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