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Hello everyone, this will be my first guide posted on reddit. I have made guides for other games on other forums in the past so let's see if I can still do this properly.
First and foremost I would like to say that I do indeed own this hero and have tested her across multiple mission types. I have tried a few setups with the heroes I do own and have a few theories about the ones I don't have access to yet.

Harvester Sarah

Our first Scythe focused hero!!

Many of the ninja sub classes have the perk "Five Winds Cut" including H.Sarah, but this is our first hero to have a focus on Scythes. "Scythe to meet you" gives you a 30% snare for 1 second on every hit and "Late Arrival" increases Scythe damage by 48%. With the Scythes range and the snare it is very easy to kite husks, meaning you can keep swinging and killing and potentially take very little to no damage.

Survival and Utility

"Shadow Stance" gives you damage reduction and is activated after killing an enemy with edged damage, Scythes count as edged weapons. "Smoke Bomb" will heal you and your party with the "Medicinal Fumes" perk. The "Dim Mak" perk will make your shield recharge at 20% of it's normal rate while in Shadow Stance. What does all of this mean? Keep swinging and you wont die, pretty much. Scythe kills, Dragon Slash kills, and Ninja Stars kills are all considered edge damage kills. Keeping up Shadow Stance is very easy, as long as you keep killing which should be your goal anyways, kill everything. As for Smoke Bomb healing, in my opinion I like using this on smashers for a few reasons. First, you are healing yourself while in melee range with a smasher as well as anyone else in range of the smoke. Second, you are dealing more damage to the smasher and any other husks from the Smoke Bomb. Third, you can make a pocket sand joke when you use it.

Support and Tactical options

In Support we have a Reclaimer Outlander. I use Fragment Flurry Jess to be specific. The support bonus from her is "Energized" and it increases energy damage by 20% at 3 stars. I use this because my Scythe is energy damage based and I want to pump up those numbers as high as I can. Normally for a ninja you would have a Shuriken Master in this slot, but this is not an ability based hero. Your abilities are very situational and not your primary source of damage. Other options in support are another H.Sarah or Deadly Blade for more Crit chance if your Scythe did not roll a CC perk. Brawler is another good option for more Crit Damage. Swordmaster Ken is another good option as a flat damage increase.

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In Tactical we have a Deadly Blade Ninja. I use Deadly Blade Scorpion. His tactical is "Corrosion", critical hits from melee weapons deal 15% of hit damage every second for 3 seconds (affliction) and slows by 30%. This is amazing synergy with the Reclaimer and energy weapon because that affliction is "hit damage" meaning it takes on the element of the hit which in my case is energy damage. This also has amazing synergy with H.Sarah because of the increased slow/snare. So now when you hit it's a 30% slow and when you crit it's a 60% slow, that's a very slow husk trying to chase you around while you stay just out of range swinging your scythe. Other options in tactical could be Sarah Claus for the heal on every 4th melee hit, MegaBASE Kyle for the full shield regen when you use smoke bomb, or *gag* Swordmaster Ken for more movement speed. I only include the last one out of pity, don't ever waste the tactical slot with Ken unless you really have nothing better to put there.


Abilities breakdown and uses

Unlike many other ninjas H.Sarah is not ability based. Her abilities are more situational and escape tools.

Smoke Bomb – This is your primary and most likely most used ability. I like saving this for smashers and blasters for the healing and added damage.

Throwing Stars – You only have the single stars on this hero and no perks to increase their damage. These are good for catching far off husks like lobbers or pitchers that you can't get to or don't want to have to run to.

Dragon Slash – Unlike Dragon Ninja or Skirmisher this is NOT your primary source of damage on this hero. This is an escape tool or gap closer. This ability will still kill small husks but you don't have the increased range or the tail on it like you do with the other two subclasses I mentioned. I prefer to save this for bad situations like when I am fighting a smasher and a group of smalls are trying to box me in, it will kill all the smalls which can activate your Shadow Stance since it is edged damage, and also create space between you and your primary target to let your shield and health regen before you go back into the fight.

Weapon options and perks

So with the new hero came a new weapon, THE NEON SCYTHE *cue techno music*
This Scythe comes with 15% crit chance. So without any crit perk rolls you are looking at 35% crit chance right off the start. I would suggest looking for one Crit Chance perk on this weapon. As an example, if you get the legendary 28% crit chance perk it is now at 63% crit chance. Mine rolled 21, 28, 28 crit chance and with my set up I have 112% crit chance, every hit is a crit and it is awesome. For other perks look for crit damage, damage, +dmg+affliction. It's already an energy based weapon so rolling an element is not required (not sure if it can to be honest)

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Another option, and currently in the shop, is the Reaper Scythe. This weapon starts with 20% crit chance and is another energy based weapon. You want to look for the same perks as the Neon Scythe.

The main difference between the two weapons is attack speed. The Neon Scythe has 1.12 attack speed while the Reaper has 0.82. So the Reaper will be slower but is still a viable option if you don't have access to a Neon Scythe. Neon Scythe also uses the hammer attack animation so it swings in a wide arc letting you hit more husks.

My set up and Scythe

Thank you for reading my review/guide on the new hero and I hope you found it informational. Please leave comments if anything I put in here is wrong and I will correct it. If you have any suggestions for certain areas I can add those in as well.

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