(Review) Cyberpunk Hero: T.E.D.D. Shot Jess.

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Hi r/Fortnite,

This is my first guide, so please be nice.

Today I'm going to review my favorite, and what I consider to be the best and the most fun Outlander in the game, TEDD Shot Jess. I'm really glad Epic came up with this hero, it certainly feels different than other heroes of the same class. Although I would love to have a full sniper-focused hero in the game, I feel like this one is pretty damn strong as well.

Pun Intended!

While most assumed it to be a sniper specialist, if you look closely at its perks, it is a headshot & TEDDY specialist. There is also the pun in its name (TEDDy + headSHOT).

Super Shredder Synergy

Super Shredder is basically a shotgun-functioning ranged weapon titled as a sniper. It works close to mid range, with a high DPS, and you are looking for one with one or more Crit Chance perks.

Its Perk:

Precision Handling – Hitting a headshot increases the speed of your reload by 7%. Max: 35% and resets after reloading.

also adds to faster reloading, which is a great buff for the Super Shredder.

Then you have

Quick Scope – Increases sniper rifle rate of fire by 35%

which is a notable boost for fire rate, another much-needed buff for the tanky weapon.

1 fragment for 15 headshot kills

This is much easier to achieve than the 60 kill fragment generation of Reclaimer. Especially with Super Shredder being a versatile weapon capable of hitting large amounts of damage, it melts husks and gives Fragments easily.

TEDDY Specialisation: Longer, Stronger, Better

It gets +time and +damage on the TEDDY with its perks, the laser eyes being a really cool touch to it. Fragment Generation being easy means you'll be able to reliable have a TEDDY consistently. This can further be enhanced by using Commando Spitfire in Tactical for +5 seconds.

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Gadgets to Use

Since Adrenaline is IMO a must-have for all, the second one would surely be Slow Field. I am yet to test if Hover Turret headshots count as headshot kills, but Slow Field has been pretty useful for when husks get super close.

Other Outlander Perks

Phase Shift and Phase Runner give it the mobility it needs, and Anti-Material charge is a fine pick for farming, as well as when smaller husks gang up on you. In the Zone is an always welcome ability. A great perk for farming as well as fighting is Anti-Material Charge. PSA: In the industrial zone, there is a fenced area you can take out with one punch that gives you ~100 nuts and bolts.

The Perfect Kit for TEDD Shot Jess

Support: TEDD Shot Jess (+35% crit hit)

Tactical: Commando Spitfire (+5 seconds on TEDDY)

Weapon: Super Shredder

Your role in the team

Apart from having the coolest outfit and accessories, your role in the team is pretty versatile, with defense being a priority. Don't be mistaken, she's a great fighter who can hold her own very well, but you being high on resources and being able to hit hard and far with Super Shredder means you don't really need to stress on positioning much. You will one shot husks and two shot husky husks all the time (average case scenario).

I recommend using this setup if you have it. I'm having a total blast using this, I am in mid Canny. You can read all of its perks here.

Hope this post helped.

Have a good day!

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