Review & Tips from someone who “Finished” STW recently

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Hello all, Drunon here. I managed to complete STW earlier this week (thanks to some friends) and I just wanted to share my opinion on the game, provide some tips, and some feedback as well. I started playing STW in early February so I’m probably a noob compared to many others here, but I put in A LOT of time playing since then. I would say I averaged about 40 hours per week which puts me at finishing the game with between 25-30 days of played time (some vacation log-ins without actually playing).

Game Review:

This game is big, long, and grindy, and I love it for that. I personally don’t play games that you can beat in a week. I’m someone who wants to be immersed in a world and check out everything it has and “complete it” as much as I can. STW fit that criteria for me and now that I’ve “beaten” the game I’ll continue to push towards PL 125 (currently at 103) and then work on maxing out trap and weapon perks. Hopefully by then we’ll see some sort of expansion.

STW is amazingly unique. The art style, the combat + building + traps, all of it. It’s just something I’ve never experienced before and it’s what is keeping me around. My friends will laugh at me because sometimes I get carried away in missions and waste resources because I just enjoy building and funneling so much.

The co-op play is awesome with a core group. Co-op is pretty new to me, even in MMOs I always liked to solo until raid time. You can 100% solo this game, but it’s much easier and faster with friends. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get any of my normal crew on-board for STW, but between streaming and the people I met just playing the game, I now have plenty of new friends to play with.

I’m not going to rate this game because who cares what one person rates it, what I will say is that gaming is meant to be fun and I’ll continue to play a game until I’m no longer having fun. Right now that game is STW and I can’t wait to see what comes next.


Add good players to your friends list and build your own community. I haven’t had to play a public match since the end of Plankerton because I managed to have a thriving friends list and not a single one of those people I met outside of STW.

Give more than you take (general life advice). Building a friends list is step one, but being a valuable friend is step two. If you do this right, people will be asking to group constantly. I’m not saying you have to build and trap every objective, but just be there, be useful, and communicate (voice chat FTW). Getting to the point where you don’t really have to talk about the missions is a great feeling. You get the opportunity to just chat about anything while also playing a game.


Stop worrying about what is best. It really doesn’t matter guys. Unless you’re trying to solo 4 player missions or you’re doing stuff way above your level, the “best” is overkill. I started playing late and maybe there was a time when the game needed to be min/maxed, but it’s long gone now. There are hundreds or thousands of hero/weapon combinations, why would you pigeon-hole yourself into 3 or 4 that you read on Reddit? Trapping and tunneling is far more important than what gun or hero you’re using anyways. I’ve said it a thousand time and I’ll say it again. It doesn’t matter if you’re using UAH or Stonefoot Crash, a Fight the Storm Mission still takes 8 minutes to complete. Find the right balance between fun and efficiency for the most enjoyable experience.

Future wants:

Story + Biomes. By far the #1 thing this game needs.

End Game. This game has so much potential and I’m excited to see what comes next. There definitely needs to be some sort of end game so that those of us who WANT to min/max have a place to show off those skills. I’d like to see new missions/challenges for end game players. I’d like to see an endless mode on SSDs. I think STW could implement some sort of static dungeon type missions where your group goes in and systematically clears the map with a story and bosses.

Economy. This will likely be unpopular but I think some sort of in-game economy would be good for the game. I don’t think it’s reasonable to prevent trading, high levels do it all the time don’t let anyone fool you. However, they don’t trade for stuff that is pointless for them to have (like 106 weapons in plank). We usually just trade things like mats to fill gaps in our inventory. Friends often mix/match weapons. Maybe a real marketplace or economy will help, idk. Also, maybe just add PL restrictions to equip weapons.

Change Llamas / acquisition system. I think the llama system needs improved upon. I have spent an amount of money I’m not willing to share here on STW and I have NEVER spent money on in-game purchases before, except for a few gifts in World of Warcraft. I felt like I needed to do it because my inner completionist was angry that I didn’t have all mythic lead survivors. Luckily I have the means to do that, but what about those who don't? I’d like a way to buy anything (non-RNG style) with gold, but maybe make them really expensive. Keep llamas and let impatient people gamble for them. I also think STW could be profitable with cosmetic items. But who am I, I guess we’ll see.


I hope you guys all enjoy the game like I am and best of luck on your grinds! The STW community is mostly positive and awesome, but it’s been overrun with angst and negativity lately. SOME of you need to stop nit-picking the bad things to complain about. This game is amazing and if you spent half the time looking at the good things as you do the bad things I’m sure your experience would be much better. The game is improving and will continue to do so. Find me a modern game that was perfect on day 1 and I'll change my mind. Also, if you start making friends instead of relying on random people, you’ll avoid almost all of the things you hate anyways.

TL:DR Good Game

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