Rewarding fun in video games and how it relates to STW.

FortniteBattleRoyale7 - Rewarding fun in video games and how it relates to STW.

Long text with some criticism but focusing it on being constructive.

I was watching this video by Jim Sterling

in which he talks about how Borderlands 3 does away from insane grinding and loot boxes to offer a rewarding experience that won't ask any more money than what you have invested initially (the price of the game) .

One of the other interesting topics was about grinding and how chore/9-5 job it can feel in some games, while I know that things can't be handed down just for playing and earning resources is important, now I realize that there's a limit on how grinding and grinding and grinding more isn't fun, what I mean is that if it becomes a super long and repetitive task without a rewards (omething to trigger an emotional reaction).

I have been playing less STW these past months, not because I don't like it but because of the bugs but also I take breaks when I feel I am grinding too much without getting enough results from the time invested or the fun I receive from the game (the later one being a realizaiton after this video).

As said above it isn't that I don't enjoy the brilliant parts of STW: the wacky adventures and sub plots of Ray and all the heroes in homebase, the silly situationst they happen to encounter, the sometimes serious and sometimes out right funny moments, the EXCELLENT work of the voice talent, etc.


I was talking the other day with someone here that missions could use some variety, survivor missions, how about we have to build to repair a dam that is about to break and flood a survivor base? or how about we save survivors from buildings that need reinforcing with our builds.

Or more arcade like missions, having stormwings to defend the rest of the team who are building the defenses to protect something, each one taking turns to do either building or plane attack. Or driving trucks with turrets to transport survivors from a place to another place. This are things that come to mind without much planning though, but you get the idea.

Save the World is a beautiful game that I really enjoy, it is just that I don't think Epic has realized the true potential and how much of a gem their own game is. I wish they did. With this said I am not on the bandwagon of insulting or trying to diss Epic nor Epic's staff neither, they deserve respect as you, me, everyone else deserve respect too.

With this said I am also not in the "i HaTe DiS gAmE", "i ReMemBer WhEn iT wAs GoOd", STW is a great game, filled with bugs sadly, but great game, that with some more love could be stellar!

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