Rewards for STW players

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so I do really enjoy playing STW aswell as Br.

I thought it would we cool, if STW players would be rewarded for reaching a high PL with free skins etc. . So that other ppl could see how much time and effort we put into STW( I am at PL 100 rn) and it would also be something special that you can´t buy with money, something you get for supporting and playing the origional game mode.

So I thought about different possible rewards:

PL 20 Glider:

Just a standard glider, for example made out of bones or rotten flesh or just a anti-husk sign on it, nothing to special for lvl 20

PL 40 Toy:

I tought about a toy you can throw which would look like a lobber ball, compareable to the tomato, I mean how cool would it be to throw around lobber balls?

PL 60 Backbling/Pet:

Like in the current battle pass, you could either carry around a baby husk or maybe even a baby smasher, which would be pretty dope

PL 80 Dance/Emote:

I didn´t have to many ideas of any Dance or Emote that could have to do with STW, so I ended up with the following:

  1. Just a dance where you act like a husk or a zombie and just walk around on the same spot
  2. the standard shockwave ability
  3. by far the coolest out of all: You turn into the TEDDY and maybe even shoot(without dealing damage of course)

PL 100 Skin:


As some of you might guess already PL 100 needs to be a special skin. I thought that you could be able to choose if you want to be a standard husk, a pitcher, a bee hive, a lobber and maybe even a Husky husk( not sure about hit box), I know, this might be hard to programm, because of animation and stuff, so it could just be a husk-cosplayer, so you could maybe even be a flinger-cosplayer which is the coolest skin i can think about.

(PL 120/125 Special: )

For PL 120 or 125 had had multiple ideas: just a standard spray, with for exaple a smasher, or something really crazy:

Make all the weapons you pick up look like they have energie element on them, or all your buildings look like they are connected to a base or tiered up


The pickaxe you currently have in STW could be transfered into the other mode.

I know not everbody playes both modes, so this isn´t interesting for all of you, but it would be really cool if Epic would reward you for buying the founders pack and also playing a lot. And i am pretty sure a lot of BR players would buy STW and maybe realise how awesome this game is and even like it more than BR. All the rewards would be very special and rare cuz you can´t buy it with money other than everything alse in this game.

This was my first post and sorry for my bad english,


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