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Here we go again with crazy ideas.

Anyway, elements in Fortnite are a bit… lackluster to say the least. They mostly make an enemy more tanky, and only one element can be spawned at a time from any given wave. Oh, they also do more damage to specific structure materials; ya know: fire -> wood, water -> stone, and nature -> metal. Sadly, the way they were implemented doesn't work as well, you see, in most missions the ideal material to use for defense is metal because of it's high health, so the only variant that makes you change your way of playing is nature by forcing you to use stone because they melt metal, and the next best thing is stone. The other situation were people freak over which material to use is a water storm with metal corrosion modifier.

Now, I could suggest that elemental husk do less damage to specific structure materials something like fire <- metal, water <- wood, and nature <- stone. This way, instead of building metal against water you might be tempted to use wood, making the material useful for something more than filler or trap tunnels. It is kind of a gamble though: What if most of the husks spawned are physical? What about lobbers and flingers? They for sure would decimate wood quickly. But honestly? That is a bit boring. No, what I am here to suggest is a bit more radical:


In weapons, I think the best action would be to remove all elements save for energy, but you can't roll energy on a weapon, instead a weapon has to be naturally energy (death ray, storm blade, neon set, etc.). Also, the elemental perk on all weapons would be replaced by a regular perk (e. g.: +X% dmg, or +X crit rate). Physical element does 100% of the damage instead of 50% against elemental enemies, while energy would still deal more damage to elemental husks (125% of the damage, or 25% more damage), but deal 100% of the damage against physical husks. You might see why on the next topic, Enemies.

In case this is not practical, then elements should no longer deal extra or less damage to elemental husks (except energy). As in, physical does 100% of the damage to elemental husks instead of 50%, and fire does 100% of the damage instead of 25% against water husks. Their only purpose would be to add modifiers to the weapons like affliction (fire), slowness (water), and stunning chance (nature/lightning); this would be stackable with the perks that make the weapon afflict, apply slow effect, or even increased impact; so you could have a weapon that slows (because of water element) and afflicts (because of 6th perk) at the same time, or a weapon that applies to different sets of affliction (one from being fire, and the other from the 6th perk). Energy does 25% more damage to elementals.

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In enemies, elements should stay, but they no longer do extra damage to walls. Instead they just modify the husks. So, as it currently stands fire husks apply affliction to players and defenders, water husk apply slowness, and lightning husks apply fatigue (energy drain); no change needed there really. Since a big part of the difficulty of high level mission is that elemental husks can usually take more damage (unless you use the proper element), an increase in health of 50% to all mist monsters and enemies that can be elemental+ (except zappers) would be a good idea considering a big part of the difficulty of elementals is that they usually take less damage (and indirectly are bulkier; unless of course you use the proper element instead of energy, physical, or wrong element). Also, they no longer appear in specific element storms, this means a regular wave can spawn several fire and water husks as well as nature husks. And all enemies should have elemental variants, so fire takers and water blasters exist. The best part of this? We could get more elemental variants with different mechanics without breaking the game:

  • Toxic husks? In! They leave a poison trail where they walk and a poison cloud on death! Plus, we already have poison lobbers, so…
  • Metal husks? Sure! They take less damage from weapons (66% of the damage, or 34% less damage), but traps still do full damage on them.
  • Acid husks? They apply affliction and vulnerability to structures hit, making them crumble faster. Kill them first!
  • Wind husks? Of course, but be careful near that cliff, you don't want to be blown away (they can push players).
  • Shadow? Sure, on death they leave a smoke cloud that gives enemies standing on it some nice damage resistance from everything. Will be fun in trap tunnels laughs maniacally.
  • What about ice husks? Uh… water already slows (and water husks are also called ice husks), but maybe we could change water to make the players slippery, and instead ice husks slow you down (one makes you go fast and the other makes you into a snail).
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And there could be more, I based many of this on already existing mechanics in the game (slippery from ice trap in BR or slippery modifier during christmas event, metal corrosion + debilitating walls, smokescreen, trap vulnerability, etc.).

+Little note here: smashers can be elemental and are mist monsters, but they should only receive a 50% health increase and not a 100% health increase for being both. Just in case.

And that's it. Hopefully you like the idea. Otherwise, give your opinion and possible improvements.

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