Rule changes and Moderator Applications

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Rule Changes

Hello everyone, we have recently been revising our rules over the last month and have come to what we think is a more beneficial, clear and precise rule set which should help with a more relaxed approach to moderation and allow for more consistent moderation.

We have made changes to almost all of our current rules which are as follows:

Relevancy Guidelines

We changed the main header of this rule to:

All posts should feature Fortnite or the associated culture in some way. 50% of all content posted must directly relate to Fortnite: Battle Royale.

This should allow for more user created posts with other assets and give the ability for more user creative posts.

We added a couple of new points to this rule also:

  • Videos and images captured in Creative mode then posted in relation to BR must use replay mode for cinematic purposes only. The only exceptions to this are new item demos and training courses.

  • Videos and images filmed in Creative must not show Creative-only items (coins, music blocks, etc.)

  • Training courses and new item demo videos are allowed to be filmed in Creative and posted to BR. This means if you are practicing for BR in a training course, or showing off a new item, you may share a clip. Deathruns or any other type of obstacle course are not allowed. If you created a training course and want to showcase it, you must post it in
    FortniteCreative - Rule changes and Moderator Applications
    r/FortniteCreative. Only gameplay from these courses is allowed on BR. Any posts showcasing a creation you made may be subject to removal, and you may not share creative codes.

These points overall relate to creative and what we allow from creative mode crossed with BR. We wanted to allow certain aspects of creative mode to be allowed on FortNiteBR if they directly relate to the BR game mode. With these new points, we can allow certain courses, weapon demos and similar which the point of the post is to show the effects in BR.

Title Guidelines

We have significantly changed this rule to be more lenient for post titles. Allowing for more creative and artistic titles. We still have our set restrictions on titles such as no ALL CAPS and no AlT CaPs but generally most titles should be allowed.

The set restrictions we have on titles are as follows:

  • Post titles in caps or in alt-capitalization (e.g., YoU RuSt LoRdS).

  • Post submissions with bodies that only consist of title references (e.g., “Title” or “Check the title”).

  • Use “unpopular opinion, hot take, sorting by new” and similar formats.

  • Include "mods removed previous post" or similar phrasing.

Humor Guidelines

We changed the main header of this rule to:

Memes must include Fortnite assets, and generic internet template meme images that can be found online are not allowed.

Recreated popular internet image or video memes must contain Fortnite content captured by you from within Fortnite. You cannot re-use footage or images posted previously by another user. If a popular meme formula becomes frequently posted, memes made using that formula are subject to removal.

This should be more clear in what type of humor/meme posts are allowed on the sub. The premise of the rule is to remove the classic template memes anybody can make to get some quick karma, we want to see user created content and allow any humor posts someone has spent time making.

We also added/changed the following points:

  • If your video contains any type of audio distortion or bass boost, the title must contain an audio warning.

  • No starter packs or deep fried memes.

  • All humor posts must abide by relevancy guidelines.

  • Generic pastes of Fortnite assets onto memes are not allowed.

This should shed some clarity on what content is and isn't allowed.

Suggestion Guidelines

We spent time on working out a good balanced rule to help sift out irrelevant, low-effort suggestions but still allow people to offer creative suggestions and not have a biased view on the quality of the post itself as moderators. Our previous rule was over complicated and the following rule will show specifically on what suggestions can be posted and what will be subject to removal. The basic principle is that user created suggestions are generally allowed and something grabbed from google images will be removed.


Suggestions that cannot be fully understood from the image or other media must be in a text post with at least 75 characters of describing text, not including the title or comments. Images pulled from search engines or similar sources are prohibited. Suggestions with generic imagery, less than 75 characters, or without notable effort will be subject to removal.

Discussion Guidelines

Nothing extra has been changed or added which is of high significance but we have changed the rule to be more digestible and easy to understand. Social media screenshots will be allowed as long as they are from a community figure/epic as the majority of this voting thread was in favor of keeping them. One main point that was added though was:

  • No text posts as images. If your image is only text, it must be in a text post.

This point is pretty self explanatory and should help remove the low effort text-image posts.

No Calls to Action

The main aspect of this rule is to allow general information and news posts that call out a public figure within reason. Sufficient evidence has to show this and shouldn't be biased to a certain view. Posts such as accusing hackers and similar nature are not allowed. The header for this rule is as follows:

Posts on community figures and individuals who open themselves up to exposure from the community are allowed as long as the posts are civil, factual, and do not post personal/confidential information.

This protects anyone from being accused of an action who displays little or no evidence or if it shows anything which could be physically damaging to an individual.

We also added the following point:

  • Both posts and titles must be neutral; if your post tries to spin a narrative, it is subject to removal.

This will stop any altered posts to make a community figure look worse than the action they may have taken and deceitful posts may be subject to removal. Posts accusing a community figure should be represented in a reasonable fashion.

Frequently Posted Topics

We changed this rule slightly to allow posts to talk about previous hot topics but not so much that they are spammed. Also the epic plz wiki will no longer be enforced and this rule should cover all aspects of FPT. The following rule addition allows this:

  • If the topic of your post can be found on the first four Hot pages, it will be considered a FPT.

We also wanted to be clear in what other type of frequent topics are subject to immediate removal based on their previous spammy nature:

  • Current permanent FPT topics: "bring back x" , loadouts, traversal emote requests, llama posts, lobby glitches.

We believe this should help for more clarity in what is considered FPT and how to ensure you don't cover a currently spammed topic at the time.

To see the full extensive list of the rules click here

These are all the main changes to the rules and if we feel there are any flaws or there is a demand for certain types of posts that need to be removed or allowed then we may review these rules again in the future. However, with these rules it should be easier for users to understand and more creative posts will be more evident because of these rules.

Moderator Recruitment

With all the new rule changes we also need some new moderators to enforce these rules. We will be running moderator applications for about a week and are excited to bring on some potential candidates. You are required to be over 18 and have regular access to discord. If you are to be considered for further discussion after reviewing your application, we will reach out directly via discord. So if you are interested in applying you can find the application form below.

Application Form


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