Rule Update: Posts Regarding STW Sales/F2P Date

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Hey all! I'm here to announce a rule we've decided to add at an attempt to whittle down low quality posts. (And if you haven't already you can read through our rules here)


  • As of now, we will be removing (low quality) posts that ask if STW is going on sale soon or when it is going Free-to-Play.

    • The answer to these posts are usually the same: We don't know.
  • We will be maintaining a wiki page that we will try our best to keep current that regards to these two questions which can be found here. A link can also be found on the sidebar.

    • In addition, if we do recieve any info, we will make sure to announce it via sticky, banner, etcetera.

RE: Misc

  • Is X good?

    • We're messing around with flairs that can filter these out, but at the moment, there is no rule against them (subject to change). At the very least though please consider screenshotting tools such as sharex instead of taking a picture of your screen with a phone.
  • So we can't discuss sale dates or STW going f2p?

    • You can. As long as its actually a discussion. Posts such as:

    Hey, is STW going free soon?

    would be deleted, but a post like:

    With the recent updates, STW is really improving! Now more than 1 out of 100 shurikens hit and shurikens can actually headshot! I really think that this game is ready to go free-to-play soon, what do you guys think?

    would be ok as they provide a point of discussion. (No, shurikens are not fixed)

Moderator Apps

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  • Discord is a requirement, it is our main means of communication. If you need help setting it up then feel free to ask.

  • If you have some questions before applying feel free to ask via comment, modmail, or PM.

Thanks for reading through this! If you have any suggestions towards improving the subreddit feel free to tell us and we'll try our best to respond 🙂

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