Salty Constructor players rant on toxicity and AFK issues

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Tldr of my rant: We, as a community, need to reexamine ourselves and don’t take out our stress on lower level player. We, as players, have our own standard on how missions should be done, some will always put the minimum effort. It's better the AFK issue happen now and get fixed pre full launch, then happen when the game is entire free to play and it drives even more people away. Higher level players should be setting the example, not be the ones trolling because they think other people do not deserve to be doing missions in Twine.

I started playing this game shortly after its early access release, last year, and I fell in love with it. The community was amazing (extremely helpful) and my joy in grinding let me savor my time spend in fortnite. The game had many flaws, but nothing I knew Epic Games couldn’t fix. Slowly but surely, Epic has has been implementing fresh and meaningful changes to the game. These are major changes that players have been asking for and I know Epic is striving to make the game better (the amount of quality of life improvements and new mechanics is staggering). However, as the game has improved, the community itself has become more toxic as we have a much larger demographic coming into the game/subreddit now. I know a lot of the ranting on this sub is because we love the game, but blanket blaming lower players is what makes them never want to play correctly in the first place.

I am a constructor main (never even completed any of the tutorial quest for any of the other classes). I rolled a legendary Guardian bull from my founders pack and never looked back. Although Guardian Bull is definitely one of the worse constructors in the game, (until you get a proper build/weapons/loadout for him and then he becomes insane though I prefer controller, especially if there is another constructor present) I stuck with him (even though I looked at the tier list before I leveled him and GB was at the bottom) because I love building for my team and making things easier for them. I try to always be the first one on the point, building, collecting the bluglow if necessary, and trapping if others don’t feel like adding anything (the only exception of this is when I get off work and have only about 5 minutes to start a mission before the daily reset to try and complete a daily). I am currently power level 89 in in game, played about 950 matches (mostly solo), and pretty much never have anyone afk on my team unless its a build the radar grid (high level players do this all the time in twine). I do defense missions in Canny all the time now that legendary schematics regularly spawn there, and I have yet to encounter a single afk in my defense missions (done about 30 legendary schematics missions in canny since the legendary update).

I think the afk problem is in partly because people expect to much of others yet expect so little of themselves. I enjoy playing healers/tanks in other team games, but most people don’t (just like most don’t enjoys building or builders unless they deal damage like heavy base). Most people are going to do the minimum effort required for the best rewards for that little effort and move on with another task. A lot of people are not going to waste a lot of extra effort for a little more reward. In this game the equivalent of minimum effort for max reward is playing soldier and quickly finishing an enemy or mission and moving on. Even easier is just afking and not getting kicked, unfortunately. No one wants to build, Why? Because it takes mats, mats that you have to farm for and can quickly run through. No one wants to trap, even at high level, Why? Because farming for resources can be a pain (and some of the resources you have to smash a million rocks for so little powder for your launchers).

Every time I join a mission, I always say hi and tell my teammates I’ll build the base quickly so we can start the mission and get things done so they can move on. I never ask for resources, never ask for llamas (unless they are my friend, because the llamas belong to the outlander as it is the outlander’s ability and outlanders right to take it all for themselves even if you help them just like a constructor recycle base ability even if for some stupid reason they didn’t build the base, which they always should), I never ask for them to trap, I simply ask for them to move to the objective because I tell them it will be safest place on the map. Nine times out of ten, people will walk to the base see it fully build and ready to go and honestly feel bad. People will add traps where where they see empty spaces (even if it's not the best place for them and sometimes expand my build) because they didn’t contribute to any of the building. When the defense starts some people might really be afk at first and honestly have contributed nothing, but when they see everyone else fighting and a glorious base being defended (when we go less ham on traps for a quick win), it tends to make people want to actually play the game too. By the end of the mission, a former afk can rack up a pretty good combat score from helping defend the boss wave and actually have some fun playing the game.


I had to solo a good portion of Canny and Twine (in September/October) because a lot of people had either already made it to the top and stopped playing while I was progressing (I stopped grinding story quest as well after I finally got to Twine since I had access to the alert Legendary cooldown missions which were only 1% chance back then) or were staying out of Canny and didn’t want to progress because the story wasn’t finished or empty lobbies. Now people are pushing themselves to unlock Canny or Twine so they can get those sweet legendary schematics alert. People are actually in lobbies now and progressing. I would have loved to have AFK’s in my games while I was progressing underleveled through Canny, even just for the stats (though that doesn’t excuse afking; a lot of people are making it out to be the worst thing to ever happen).

I love fortnite, its many content creators ( shout out to /u/nordrasir, /u/whitesushii, /u/aFrequ, and everyone who continues to make amazing content for this sub and for Fortnite), but the everyday redditor’s toxicity towards newer players is getting out of hand. I know afks, scammers, and traders are a problem right now but the way we are handling the blame in this sub is wrong.

Every thread I go, I end up seeing “BRat.” A jargon coined in this sub to supposedly refer to newer players coming from Fortnite BR to ruin the game so they can get “free” VBucks for skins. This may be true for some people, but is definitely not the case for everyone. BR may have brought us some turmoil but AFKing is an issue I think Epic can fix before the real launch (better afk detection and new system). I’m glad it's happening right now rather than when the game is entirely free to play and everyone else gets driven away when the pool of potential players is even larger.

As a whole the positives of BR far outweigh the negatives. The overall fortnite team is constantly expanding, since BR blew up. We have been getting way more content since its success. We also are getting a lot of BR people trying the game. I know, I know, but “They are all BRats, right?” I got two of my friends into this game as a direct result of the BR mode. One bought the game at the start of early access and only came back after the new updates started pouring in, giving it a second chance after playing a bit of BR and sucking. The other friend played a lot of BR and wanted to play the PvE too. They have both already progressed to Twine, one with less than two month’s worth of daily logins.

Unfortunately, what irk me is that people are constantly telling the two to get out of Twine, when they justifiable are there on their own accord. I wouldn’t waste my time grinding their missions to help them, when there are so many. Now that they are in Twine, I will do alerts with them from time to time. Almost every game people are toxic to them and tell them to stop being taxied/carried, yet they are constantly contributing more than the 70-125 level players we play with because they try and put in the extra effort. Players can’t see that till the end of the game, so they say nothing usually and leave quickly at the score screen.

A while back we did a 100 PL Repair the Shelter (mini boss mission for VBucks) mission publicly. I zone in, immediately build the base, was about 70 (tier 3 upgraded) tiles in and a fourth guy who was around the same level as me (name started with a D will not PM name because I’m not trying to shame him) joins and tells us to leave or he would report us and put us on reddit. I am on this reddit a lot, so I know that's not something he can do, and he is the one not doing anything and just afk’ing. My friends clear all syphons and the map and get us boost and my outlander friend brings me some llamas. Its a 100 pl mission, so I continue to build more than normal, the guy is continuing to threaten us. We continue to ignore his threats, and he does what he saw on reddit. He starts the mission and leaves. Little did he know he lost out on an easy legendary schematic. We easily found all 8 parts before the first wave(so it skips the wave in between finding modules and installing) and we banner plus slowing field the boss wave for an easy win (boss was weak to traps).

Take some time and just try enjoy playing the game. Give BR players a chance and understand that people generally hate building, in a building based game. Just because you put tier one wall (tier one wall cost almost nothing) and no one upgrades then immediately (another post on this sub) doesn’t not mean people are all afk. If one person starts building, people generally leave that one person to keep building. Communicate with others and try to get them to have fun too, try coaxing them to the defense and maybe one less person will afk and also have some fun. A fix will come from Epic (been a major talking point and on their to do list) and those who afk will have to play or quit.

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