“Saurian Claws”, the hero perk from Paleo Luna

FortniteBattleRoyale5 - "Saurian Claws", the hero perk from Paleo Luna

The following write-up is a brief look at the the hero perk "Saurian Claws" and the interaction with 'Life Leech' (perk for melee weapons), in addition to general tidbits about the perk.

Saurian Claws is the perk which comes from Paleo Luna, who you unlock as part of the "Tales of Beyond" quest chain.

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Perk Tooltips for Paleo Luna

What does the Perk Do

The perk literally takes a % of whatever your maximum health pool is in-game and gives it to you as additional damage on your melee attacks.

If you have 100,000 hp

  • 5.5%: 100,000 * 0.055 = 5,500 bonus damage
  • 16.5%: 100,000 * 0.165 = 16,500 bonus damage

This bonus damage is added to whatever your damage your melee attack would have done normally and (appears) to inherit your weapon elemental type (and the corresponding match-up).

In a test with an Energy Weapon

  • Bonus Damage vs Physical: 9139
  • Bonus Damage vs Element: 6854
  • 9139 * 0.75 = 6854
  • Note: UI only displays integers (rounded, whole numbers)

How does the Perk Look in-game (damage numbers)

There are two ways the perk will influence the numbers you see in-game when you are hitting stuff.

  • If you land a normal hit, it will sum ("normal hit damage" + "bonus damage") and produce a single number
  • If you land a critical hit, it will show you your critical hit damage and an additional 'damage' value floating off to the side (representative of your bonus damage).

bbh8e32b1lx21 - "Saurian Claws", the hero perk from Paleo Luna
Example of a 'Critical Hit' whilst the perk is active (support slot)

How does the Perk interact with Life Leech (weapon perk)

Simply put, it doesn't.

Any damage gained via "Saurian Claws" may or may not be combined with your regular UI damage, but it will not result in more healing from 'Life Leech'. You'll still only heal for the amount based on your weapon damage if the perk didn't exist. So the perk will help you kill things faster, but you will not heal more due to the perk.

So who gets the most value out of the perk?

Funnily enough, Constructors get much more value out of the perk than Ninjas, but in general anyone with a lot of health.


24qrfslg1lx21 - "Saurian Claws", the hero perk from Paleo Luna
Constructor vs Ninja (health values: basic)

The perk is probably the most broken example of a 'win more' perk to date as far as Fortnite is concerned. The more health you have the more bonus damage you get, and thus the greater your damage output will be. Of course if you're getting hurt (taking health damage) then you'll get less bonus damage, but there are multiple ways you could heal up (just by attacking stuff as an example). If you have a group of 4 human players with end-game quality stats and you use the health boosts around the map it's fairly trivial to get over 500,000 hp. If you're a solo player however (and not benefiting from shared party stats) you're unlikely to get such large numbers and probably will be stuck somewhere between 200,000 and 300,000 hp.

I made a plea previously that the gameplay needed to be looked at in terms of players who don't have groups of 4 humans, such as by reworking defenders. Since the beginning of the Twine Tweaks and Patch 9.0 it just seems like anyone who is unable to get a full group of 4 humans all the time is getting massively short-changed and screwed over content wise.

Should I kick a hero out of my support loadout to get "Saurian Claws"

It'll depend a lot on your individual playstyle and whether you can find other humans.

As I mentioned, it's a 'win more' perk, conditional on how much your health pool is. It's obviously amazing when you're in a group of 4 humans and can get the most out of shared party stats (to boost your health even more) but your total health pool will take a massive hit once you stop getting those shared F.O.R.T stats. It's a flat damage increase (much like Kinetic Overload acted for pre 8.0 Constructors) in that it is independent of whether you hit or crit and your other stats (aside from health). Your support hero slots are limited to 5 heroes so you'll need to figure out what you really need to keep. As long as you're relatively healthy it's a good way to give non-melee focused loadouts some extra melee damage as well (of course, that'll drop off if you're hurt and bleeding all over the place).

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