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Battle Royale has become the focal point of Fortnite so badly that Save the World is becoming completely un-playable. If anyone can help me with these bugs please reply below. If not, get this post up there so the devs may see this awareness. All the following glitches occurred on an original XBOX One console, not cross-playing with other platforms:

• FROZEN IN TIME! Game will hit a performance lag spike that lasts around 5 seconds at random points in a game, causing your screen to freeze. The only thing I can find that causes this is it happens often upon hover-board activation, but it also happens when no one is activating one. – SIDE NOTE: The game will sometimes crash during these periods.

• COMPLETELY DISARMED! At random points, for seemingly no reason: You will not be able to attack, take damage, or build for a minimum of 5 seconds, sometimes lasting up to 2 WHOLE MINUTES. Players and husks still move and attack around you like normal, but you just can’t do anything. Even your abilities will do no damage. Hover-board will not activate during this period either. After the time period is over all damage done to your player in the time will instantly catch up to you.

• MORE HOVER-BOARDS ISSUES! Speaking of the hover-board, upon its activation sometimes, your gun will disappear, and you will not don the hover-board for a few seconds, and then suddenly you will teleport a large distance forward and be on the hover-board. Players and husks move as normal in this period of lag, so once again it is not a connection issue.


• PATHING ISSUES! Sometimes during Encampment missions (or side-missions), Husks will completely run away from the Encampment as far as possible, getting trapped in buildings or caves, rendering it extremely difficult. This is especially annoying in Encampment missions that disable Husks on the radar, making it near impossible to complete the mission in some cases.

• MISSION COMPLETED/FAILED SCREEN: Sometimes the screen will be so bugged out it will instead view the players from the back— who aren’t even in order, sometimes strewn about all over the map. During this period of the disorderly screen, the reward chests and your stats will not display as normal. – SIDE NOTE: The game will sometimes crash when this happens, making it especially frustrating if you have just completed a mission.

• ANTI-MATERIAL CHARGE: For this ability on Outlanders, sometimes nothing will be destroyed— even when fully charged. Usually this is the case because objects you can search are in the way, but it happens frequently enough with structures that do not have anything to search near them. Also with this ability, it may not play any sounds upon activation for the entire match.

ADDED BUGS: • IT’S THE LITTLE THINGS THAT MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE! Bit-Hitching when changing and/or upgrading survivors, heroes (mini-lag spikes)

• QUIET PLEASE! I AM SEEING! When trying to view the map to select a mission, MAJOR lag spikes occur when switching between locations.

If you are experiencing any bugs I may not have listed PLEASE LET ME KNOW. We need to get this game-mode fixed ASAP. Those Skill Points aren’t going to farm themselves!

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