Save The World 13.00 Bug / Unintended Features List

FortniteBattleRoyale2 - Save The World 13.00 Bug / Unintended Features List

Anti Air Traps cause high ping and stuttering. This occurs when there are a lot of them placed (20+). Observed in Canny Endurance during Space Rocks wave.

Trap Healing perk sometimes doesn't work.

Trap Healing perk only heals the structure for the structure's tier 1 health (Tier 3 walls will only heal for 64 health per 10 seconds, instead of around 500. The structure heals for the amount of health that should be applied to tier 1 walls, but does not account for the increased building health caused by upgrading the wall).

Wall and Floor launchers cause all husks, excluding mist monsters, to freeze in place for 15 seconds after being affected by the trap. The husks will then despawn. This occurs in all endurance modes and all regular missions.

Traps can be placed in Storm Shields after the build limit has been reached. As traps count as building pieces, players can go hundreds of building pieces over the limit. This method can be used to excel in Endurance mode by having more traps than allowed, and it can be used by exploiters to duplicate in-game items by lagging the game and server with too many structures placed.

Various methods of getting under the map, including Canny Valley Storm Shield and Dungeons.

Loading in very quickly to a mission or storm shield will cause the player's outfit to not load, and instead will load the hero's outfit instead. Can only confirm on PC with a fast NVMe SSD, which may be loading in too fast for the outfit to process correctly.

Minibosses with damage pulse modifier will deal damage to objectives when the miniboss takes damage. This was observed in Twine Endurance when the miniboss took damage near the amplifier, and the amplifier took small amounts of damage. Not sure if this is an intended feature or not.


Husk phasing: Husks that are too close to a wall and another husk walking next to them will be able to push that husk through the wall. This is a very common issue with flingers particularly, as they are able to phase very easily. Observed in Twine Endurance.

Deliver the Bomb:

-Sometimes, after building the tracks and completing the path for the bomb, the mission cannot be started. Standing in front of the "A" armory will not display the menu to start a vote. This can be fixed if one or more players leaves the game; the menu will the reappear after.

–Tracks can be placed on player-built structures by spamming the "place" and "edit" keys simultaneously. Only works when the player-build structure is edited (half-stairs and edited pyramids to name a couple).

Retrieve the Data:

-On extremely rare occasions the mission cannot be started. Can be fixed if one or more players leaves the game.

Endurance Crashes:

-Notable crashes on Twine Endurance:

–Wave 15 and 25, which are the Valley amplifier, will sometimes crash mere seconds before the wave begins. The game itself will freeze, and an "application hang" message appears. Crash causes endurance match to be forfeited. Multiple sources have reported the exact same crash type.

–Wave 30, Bridge Amplifier. Server will stop responding with 0 packets per second being sent from the server to the client. Most of the time it occurs around 2 minutes and 30 seconds left. Multiple sources have reported the exact same crash type.

If anyone would like to add more bugs please feel free to comment below. If you have video footage of any bug that I have listed or not listed, feel free to share that as well and I will add it to the post.

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