Save the world *desperately* needs to evolve.

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - Save the world *desperately* needs to evolve.

Warframe only got to where it is today by constantly evolving, not just adding content, but actively changing and improving how you play the game. They add things to their game that they want in their game, not things that we ask for, because they love their game, they play their game, they want their game to be more fun.

Fortnite needs to learn from things like this urgently, a lot of content has come (and gone) since the game came out of alpha and became open to the public, but none of it has changed the game in any meaningful way. After hearing the devs say 'just wait for season 11' so many times i honestly thought thats what we were getting, especially after seeing how much of an overhaul BR got, but thats besides the point, this isn't meant to be another BR rant post.

Put simply, this game needs to change, and fast. I've put a nonsensical amount of time and money into this game, and it was genuinely fun when I started playing, even into the endgame I enjoyed it. Not only as an endgame player, but as a player in general, the game has so much more to give than its currently showing.

They have built fortnite into a crazy universe where anything can happen and noone would see it as out of place, they have given themselves a base for limitless potential, yet still stick to the same tired formula. Too much of my time in game is spent either waiting for an objective to start, or waiting for a mission to end after completing the objective. Every part of a game should be a component that benefits all the other components, making for a smooth running machine, but thats not fortnite, all the components are fighting against each other, causing massive friction, I want to play the game, earn loot and have fun…but this game is plagued by things like fetch quest campaigns and dailies. If i want to maximise my loot gain I have to actively ignore the mission and run around the map looking for exclamation marks, what that mark actually is doesnt matter in the slightest, its always the same. This makes. Zero sense. All my objectives should involve me playing the game not ignoring it. But thats just one thing, the game is based around isolated missions, which is fine…for a while…but there needs to be more…and i dont mean more stuff, but just more ways to play this game. games are starting to break out of their own molds more and more, creating worlds you can explore and play in together in awesome new ways and fortnite needs to try and keep up. By either moving away from randomly generated levels (Making a large open map for each area, hand crafted to be interesting rather than hoping the random level you get is fun, where objectives will dynamically appear for you to complete with your friends or strangers, something like that) or making your randomly generated maps work better (Letting us build up slopes for one thing, so we dont get absolutely screwed when the atlas is near the slightest of gradients, or just not letting them spawn in pointlessly troublesome places like this to begin with, its not challenging, its BS).


Theres many many many more things I could say, and things I already have said in previous posts, but this post in particular has already gone on too long. I should never feel like my money has been wasted on a game, and as much as I dont want to jump on the hate bandwagon, I'm still feeling very salty after the update (like, just dont let us believe we're gunna get some cool new stuff if we're not, I don't need to get all the new stuff at the same time as BR, but it would be nice to know its coming rather than a very rinse and repeat roadmap. The attempts at fixing some core issues are a great sentiment, but its just not enough to make me want to come back and start playing again. I really love fortnite, or at least I did, but its potential is just being squandered, you can do anything and go anywhere, it sounds cheesy but this is one of the few games you could do almost anything with and still make it fit in nicely…but its just not trying hard enough to evolve, and i really wish it would.

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