Save The World has been paragoned.

FortniteBattleRoyale7 - Save The World has been paragoned.

Before you notice my username I just want to say. I loved this game very much, and I prowled this subreddit hoping to be proven wrong with time. Unfortunately my doubts were very much true. This game is now dead.

Let me break it down slowly for all of you, so you can understand why I came to this conclusion. Oh and before you make the joke, yes, it's as dead as my channel 🙂

" Over the coming months Save the World will no longer be able to support all upcoming Fortnite Battle Royale cosmetic purchases, but your existing library of cosmetics will continue to function in both modes. We’ll let everyone know via the Homebase Status Report when this change will take place."

This simply means the vbucks you earn in STW will no longer be usable in battle royale. Which is a large driving force for old and new players. Believe it or not a large part of this community only cared for vbucks, in fact content creators took it upon themselves at one point to inform players whether there were vbucks to farm each day. With that move they've already cut out a portion of the remaining player base.

" Conquering the challenges in Ventures will earn you seasonal experience which impacts the level of difficulty you encounter, weapons you find, and the seasonal rewards that you earn. Reaching higher seasonal Ventures levels unlocks Supercharger materials that can raise the level of items in your main collection — beyond their current cap."

Ventures. It's essentially the same gamemodes but now the husks are stronger and the rewards are materials to make your guns stronger. Oh boy, just what this game needed. Six star weaponry. It's cool, for like 3 matches and then you realize you're just playing the same gamemodes. So much for an upcoming feature.


" As we roll out Ventures, we’re shifting to an annual recurring seasonal schedule where existing in-game narratives and events, such as Frostnite and Dungeons, will continue on a seasonal rotation unique to Save the World and separate from Battle Royale. "

No more new events, no more surprises. New guns, new heroes. That's it. If they were using this time to make new content, then they would've done it already. Realistically it's been eight months since they have released a new event, and the event was just a buffed version of the Storm king. They've had so much time, and if you think they need more time to make a brand new event……. well…. Battle royale has had two brand new maps before twine peaks got cancelled. so.

" While the main story of Save the World is complete, there are still adventures to be had. Continue battling the Husks in Twine Peaks, take on each Save the World seasonal event, or evolve your collection by completing each Venture’s season… the choice is yours."

Oh yeah I just wrote this but uh, Twine peaks was never going to get it's own story mode. It got scrapped when the ramirez voice actor left. Yknow the story did kinda revolve around her.


  • No more new events
  • No Twine Peaks Storyline
  • Stw Vbucks are useless now.
  • Ventures is your brand new feature and it could have been developed in a week with a development team of five people.

Edit: I’m not even sure anymore about the vbucks section. I interpreted it as above. Everyone else had a different interpretation. It just seemed clear because why would skin support stop? It just doesn’t even make sense.

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