Save The World has no future.

Fortnite Battle Royale Halloween 1024x576 - Save The World has no future.

This game is supposed to be and originally was, a sandbox survival game. This game is so linear and hasn't made huge strides in the past year to grow and evolve. The whole E3 conference and StW being excluded in that and all of Fortnite’s social media just solidified that.

  • Magyst and all the other Epic employees on this sub-reddit have the time to respond to the lighthearted things, artwork and quick to defend themselves and the company but when faced with the real major issues of the game they are completely quiet and not to be found in those discussions. They’re here because it’s their job but it’s not an exaggeration to say that StW will become like Paragon. The ONLY REASON StW will survive is that Vbucks earned in this game mode can be used to fuel Fortnite Battle Royale.

  • It's been a year and Twine is still unfinished, there is no hope for an area even after Twine. Missions at Canny and above have no story and has just increased as a stall mechanic. This game became repetitive and a true GRIND with no real reward at the end of the road. The one BIG change since release has been the Perk Recombomulator. Even with the allowance of exclusive weapon’s perks to be changed (which I disagree about). Small QoL changes and many other changes only started after the HUGE uproar at the start of the year due to a lot of people having issues with the game and their account etc.

  • Took a whole 6+ months to get sprint to cost no energy, to get a way of transportation (which still sucks). The diversity in this game does not exist end-game because the amount of garbage classes/heros that are made. Everything is time consuming (NOT DIFFICULT) to earn (perk up, Hero xp, resources etc). There’s a clear amount of recycling being done, no clear roadmap nor updates with actual dates or estimations.

  • At the moment Fortnite is all about “getting fixed” instead of being about progress, innovation and evolution. Epic can’t even address nor fix the stupid Collection Book even with the sheer number of ideas the community gave. Our community’s bright ideas are WASTED because they have no plan on implementing them. We are so tired of the bullshit that we’ve trained ourselves to be “happy” when they fix bugs and give us QoL changes that we SHOULD HAVE RECIEVED LONG AGO instead of being able to hold them accountable for progress in the game. They said, BR will not interfere with StW BUT IT HAS but they can’t admit that.

  • Epic is a company first and foremost so I understand that BR will get more attention but they are riding that BR pony so hard that they have failed to recognize the diamond in the rough that is Fortnite: Save The World. This game, can be SO much more. Think about these: True BOSS fights, Horde mode, smarter enemies, more flying enemies, different husk attack patterns, weather/terrain effects, “raid”/siege mode, new UNIQUE classes, a 5th class, etc The possibilities are endless for this game but it will never come to fruition with the way it’s being handled by Epic. This game has an amazing foundation but it’s not being built upon. BR will someday die but StW has the potential to be an ever-evolving game that isn't tied down by genre but that won’t happen if there are no more players to play it.

    We are one by one slowly packing up and giving up on The World.

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