Save the World has so many flaws

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There are so many flaws with STW.

Founders get 0 nothing to BR. like literally nothing. no founder skins nothing. thats just wrong imo and dumb

Extremely grindy mobile-based fomular for STW. it sucks kinda

Mythic heroes are useless and is not the strongest.

Extremely repetitive gameplay on missions over and over again, its get extremely boring after awhile. this is one of the games where you can get burnout very easily

perks on heroes cannot be reroll

no incentive to build, ppl just dont build. theres no point. everything is lost at the end, and the amount of contribution points u get for building is too low to justify for anything.

only people who actually want to win builsd them. and they are not being rewarded for building.

Trolls that increase difficulty and u cant stop them. they can increase it to the max and mess up ur team and then leave. i had this happened several times and i wasted hours with my friend

Falling atlas = no game over and can restart. fail ride the lighting = gameover??? make 0 sense

0 exp for helping friends who just started. u already get less xp from playing in lower zones, so when u try to help out ur friends u get punished for it. dumb design idea. this forced all high level players to stay in their zone, so if the population of the game is low they will never find missions/ anyone/ stuck on certain points.

if you are asking for help in global and none helps its gg cuz only people with similar level is interested

No voice chat for STW? just why? BR has this and PvE doesn't? Again dumb design decision, its not hard to add this and have the mute option if people are abusing it.

No report option for AFK in game. and support take years to answer and there is 0 confirmation on emails. same with purchases, except paypal

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Soldiers are broken and is clearly the meta, something needs to changed. Ninja, Outlander, Construct will need to be buff. 10% + 24% AR increased dmg on firearms is just overkill compared to useless perks other classes get. After playing to mid game you really start to feel they are the best class on STW hands down. and you are pretty much forced to play soldier in difficult missions

Loot level feels too weak, someone can pretty much just afk the whole game and get similar or close rewards to someone who contribute a ton (killing/ building)

No crouch – Just why? make 0 sense

Defenders are completely useless, they waste so much ammo, their aim is bad and they die very easily. theres no point in using them

storage size – everyone starts off as 5 even with ultimate edition. and extremely misleading title (Vault size increase) that traps many other people. its a joke really

no customisation for any heroes whatsoever. and stuck on heroes you choose = bad. and skins are only exclusive to BR and and u cant even use them on PVE = again dumb decision

no permanent transform keys for legendary – gated towards P2W and if u get bad legendary roll its gg

Melee are seriously useless, Ranged is so strong and broken and melee leaves little to desire. (Melee is only for when u want to look good/ save ammo)

Limited weapon variety – all weapons pretty much look the same, just with different names.

I hate to say this. But i strongly feel Epic focus is on PvP and they really seem to not care/ give much love to PvE. Despite the fact that on their selling store the first thing that gets advertise is Save the World packages.

Obviously despite everything I wrote I hope the game will become success on Launch, otherwise there really will be a lot of negative reviews everywhere afterwards

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