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Hello Homebase Heroes!

change is in the air as we prepare to enter the the relentless area known as twine peaks in update 12.20 Here’s a look at what’s coming to Save the World in the upcoming update.


we've had a lot of great adventure over the past few years commanders but looking back we have come to the conclusion that places like stonewood, plankerton, canny valley and twine peaks had no real identity. those places were suppose to represent states that were separated by hundreds of miles complete with there own epicenters, biome and POI.

starting with update 12.10 we are changing twine peaks from a small zone into a semi open world hub complete with its own unique biome, POI, missions and activities. the hub will be updated in size and with new POI as the twine peaks story progress and seasonal content updates are released. below are some of the missions and activities you can look forward to seen in the new twine peaks 2.0 hub world.


-we aways intended for each zone should offer player a unique gameplay experience and with that in mind we decided twine peaks should not offer players any missions that were previously available in stone wood, plankerton or canny valley. the missions that will be available in twine will be unique to twine and will not be available anywhere else in the game. this change was made to add diversity to a cookie cutter, fetch quest mission stricture we've been trying to improve for some time now. here are a couple of missions you can hope to find in the initial twine peaks update as well as a brief overview. (wip)


– Operation clear sky – atlas missions are a fan favorite and with operation clear sky we're aiming to the deliver the experience of a atlas mission with a twist. this mission was design to test even the toughest of commanders. to access the mission players will need to open the world map and travel to a area where OCS is available. on spawned player can use gliders to reach a OCS matchmaking terminal or use re deploy wind tunnel for fast travel to reach the OCS matchmaking terminal.

Mission dialog from ray:

commander storm activity in this area have reach an unprecedented threat level we need to act now and we need act fast! in a movie this is the part where I would say "send everyone one" but since this isn't a movie you'll have to do. 4 atlas wont be enough this time so ive added a 5th, that mean one of your lasers will have to weather the storm solo. if that wasnt enough we had to separate the atlas' so the distance between them are… well lets just say your no longer neighbor each of you will have to solo an atlas in addition to the one that will have no one to defend it commander. I hope your defenses are ready, good luck commander!.

Your mission is…

– locate all five 5 atlas

– defeat major enemies to collect corruted blu glow

– survive the storm with at least 4 atlas in working condition

-Expedition- expedition is a twist on the generic rescue the survivor missions. expedition will offer players the ultimate fortnite experience. to access the mission players will need to open the world map and travel to an area where an expedition mission is available. on spawned player can use gliders to reach an expedition matchmaking terminal or use re deploy wind tunnel for fast travel to reach the expedition matchmaking terminal.

mission dialog from ray:

commander we've receive several distress calls from this area, unfortunately the signal isnt strong enough to pin point the exactly location of the distress calls also our teleporter may have been damage on our way here but dont panic your best friend ray got this covered. you'll need to build a satellite tower to boost the signal. once that is up and running we should be able to pin point the survivors.

well done commander! the last known location of the survivor have been added to your map. we wont be able to transport them to homebase right away so before we save any one set up the new port-a-fortress device. you'll need to gather some materials and deliver them to the device, according to Kyle we have wide range of pre-build fortresses in this thing the more materials you can gather the better the fortress it will be.

amazing! why are we just now starting to use these things. ok commander any survivor you save will be transported here for now so we have to split up some of you will have to go rescue the survivors while the others defend the survivor here in the fortress until i can fix our transporter. am sure the survivors don't mind helping just give them a weapon also tell them to be careful.

I don't believe it that was everyone! well done commander I never doubting you. I kinda still need some time to get the teleporters up and running the repair process will take 7 minutes, i hope you saved some ammo… defend the fortress!

Your mission is…

-build the satellite tower to boost our signal

-gather materials for the port-a-fortress device

-rescue the survivors / defend the fortress


these are only two example of the many type of mission you'll find in the new twine peaks hub world



-fishing is an activity coming to the twine peaks hub world. players will be able to find fishing spots and rods near large bodies of water. fishing isnt just going to be a activity you do for fun it will also be a great way to earn training manuals and consumables

Swimming and diving

-in addition to fishing player will now be able to swim and dive in the twine hub world so be ready to explore underwater caverns and hidden underwater dungeons

World bosses

– world bosses are a new feature we've added to the twine peaks hub world. world bosses are high level enemies that will spawn in hidden bunkers, caves and dungeons. world bosses will be the only way to earn the new resource required for players to re-roll survivors and defenders.

Collectable supplies and comsumables

-homebase is growing with each passing day as a result we are going to need a lot of supplies. many items can be found in the new twine peaks hub, items can either be consumed for a special buff or sold to survivors for gold back at homebase.

systems –

*during the evening and at night enemies will have 50% more health and deal 10% more damage to players

*new behavior to lobber and flinger enemy types. 3 lobbers or flingers can be onscreen at all times. this change was made becaue the fortnite experience we advertised was just impossible when these enemy type were on the field. to keep players on their toes tho we are adding a new airborn enemy type.

*a 10 second cool down have been added to lobbers and flingers once they are defeated to avoid lobber and flinger projectile spam

*anti air traps will now target takers and flanged husk

*the storm will now target player traps and cause malfunctions such as increasing trap reload timers, dissabling some traps or a reduction in trap durability.

*changes to hover boad sounds and mechanics to improve the game play experience while on boards.

*added skateboard as a rideable transportation option

*reduce summon timer for hover boards and skateboards

Changes to heroes

*Mythic heroes have been reverted back to their post heroe rework state. we realize some of these heroes have been either under performing or had abilities that wasnt all that useful so to combat this some mythic heroes have been reworked to better suit the current sand box. with this change we notice heroes like MGR were pretty strong even without a fully build hero loadout so to keep things a bit balance mythic heroes will only be able to have 3 heroes in their hero loadouts. we are still testing this feature so your feed back will be greatly appreciated


*phase shift can now be charged to cover more ground. doing so will use up more energy

*outlanders can now destroy llamas with a simple anti material charge

*outlanders will now always hit object weak points when using their pickaxe

* the effect of keen scout will last a extra 10 second after losing in the zone

*the movement speed from phase shift will now last for 6 second

*destroying friendly building peaces will now reward outlanders with the coresponding building material


*Frag grenades base damage and range have been buffed by 15% and will now cause affliction for 3 second. in addition enemies defeated by Frags will have a 15% chance of exploding dealing damage in a 1 tile radius

*the base duration of war cry have been increased by 5 second.

*the base duration of lefty and righty have been increase by 5 seconds

*going commando can now be cancelled after activation, doing so will reduce the cool down of your next going commando activation


*Creative Engineering is making a come. if your not familiar it Increases build speed by 10%. Reduces building cost by 10%.

*going constructors durability have been increase by 10 second in addition going constructor kills will counts as melee kills and melee abilities buff will now buff going constructor

*constructors can now add custom wallpaper to their builds to change the appearance of metal, stone and wood using building patterns. these items can be found in the twine peak hub world.

*all constructors will now have a build in 10% incoming damage reduction


*ninja can now use their pickaxe to use to multi target attack. using the attack will drain your entire energy bar. this attack can also be use to destroy loot llamas

*ninjas now have a 10% attack speed when using melee weapons

*crescent kick have been change to a three hit combo attack and will count as a melee kill

*smoke bomb will now trigger shadow stance and cause affliction for 6 second

*kunai storm can now be aimed at any direction

*throwing stars now have aggressive tracking

These are some of the changes you guys can look forward to when 12.00 goes live in a couple of weeks and we are looking forward to getting your feedback on these changes, stay tuned commanders.

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