Save the World is a story about Human Sacrifice

Fortnite Battle Royale Halloween 1024x576 - Save the World is a story about Human Sacrifice

Now before we get into any misunderstandings, when I mean Human sacrifice I don't mean one of those feel good stories where a person struggles and sacrifices their humanity for the greater good. No EPIC isn't going to win any Writers Guild Awards on the storyline.

I do mean literal human sacrifice.

Have you ever noticed that when you send expedition for a batch of supplies you aren't worried about resources like fuel. Instead you sacrifice 20 – 30 people to bring back 100 bricks and 3000 flowers? ( Flowers for all the graves no doubt! )

Or you want to get a survivor trained to improve a squad? You have 5 potential candidates and 25 people fight to death so only 1 comes out alive with the slim chance of belonging to a squad. If they can't they end up either recycled to become soylent green to feed the survivors or eligible to fight to death again in order to classify to reach a higher more coveted spot.


You ever wonder why EPIC made a game called Battle Royale after STW and not before? It is essentially a reality TV Show for the survivors to better describe in detail of how survivors fight to the death to decide who lives and who dies. After all why else would you Video Stream the mass murder of other survivors, if not for ratings? Smash T.v and Running Man proved that ritual combat will be well loved by human society.

By the time you reach power level 90 you would have sacrificed nearly 10,000 people just so you can farm some Shadowshards in peace.

You are all monsters, and mass murderers. How do you feel?

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