Save the world is getting really boring

Fortnite Battle Royale Halloween 1024x576 - Save the world is getting really boring

It's probably a very unpopular opinion, but I just want to talk about it for a bit

(I'm sorry for mistakes English is not my first language)

Honestly I think save the world was a great game, I played it so much and grinded the hell out of it, but right now, it's always the same. There's no variety anymore, Im level 83 and right now, the only thing that I need is survivor xp. Let's be honest, the solo missions are completely not worth playing, you spend like 20 minutes for a mission and you barely get anything sometimes not even enough to level up one level. The rewards are pathetic let's be real and there's no point anymore in playing solo because you only waste your materials for traps etc. Just get 3 randoms and they'll kill things, throw a pyramid over the objective wait 8 minutes and boom you win. 4x missions are the only missions that are worth playing and I don't think I should feel bad for saying that I don't want to play repair the shelter like 20 times in a row just to progress. It feels like that there are only three mission that I play and it gets so God damn boring. We need new mission we need better rewards and just updates the game has been the same for too long. I have no motivation to play the game anymore because I know I will just force myself to play a mission 5 times in a row to level up a bit.


Is there anyone else who feels the same? Horde gets boring too after maxing out the skill tree there's just no point in playing anymore it s the same thing every single round.

Yeah i just wanted to complain a bit because I'm usually the one who always finds something positive about the game but now it kinda got me too.

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