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Without a doubt, Fortnite has come a long way since release. Recently, Epic Games added a perk rework on weapons that allows players to flexibly adjust weapons to gain optimal stats fitting their gameplay style. And to say the least, I applaud them for that. But I can’t help to feel that more can be done to revolutionize their game. Events up to this point had felt lacklustre, and in my opinion, were getting the same thing with a different coating.

The most recent Season 4 event felt like any other. At its base the event is a mindless collect mission, with the end reward as a guaranteed legendary reward and does little to deviate from this formula (minus the new voice acting, and theme). The new events don’t even take very long to do, you can finish Part 1 in a day and you are stuck to wait part 2 for half a month only to finish it in a day. To me, the only genuine events Epic Games truly delivered, included the addition of Horde Bash, with new scavenger heroes and weapons. Not only did this give us a new hero that raised the bar for shotguns, and an outlander that was like dead-eye, but different in that it was more of an ability based dead-eye, it felt like I was getting to try new things differently. In addition, horde bash allowed us to use limited resources gained through skill points to build a cost effective yet defensible base, coupled with challenging charger, taker or lobber waves that made us really work and emphasized teamwork. I guess what I’m trying to say is, why are we not getting new innovative game modes, new monsters that forces us to build differently or new mission types, but rather new heroes with skills pulled from other heroes, with the same ol’ support and tactical bonuses.


Currently, I am in twine region and the game needs to have a fulfilling but also challenging end-game. What is the point of streamlining the game and making it easier for newer players to progress when Twine offers nothing new or diverse from Canny, other than slightly harder monsters and better materials? Since launch, Epic Games had made the game easier by increasing health, ability damage and shield according to hero rarity, has made raindrops and lightning in a bottle much more common to upgrade weapons and traps, Legendary transforms drops like candy in Canny and Twine missions, Perk rerolls no longer forces us to be at the mercy of RNG, resource capacity has increased by five times more than it was, Flux has doubled, and Seasonal gold has increased immensely. Yet even after all this, some players insist the game is too difficult. Are you kidding me? You can only make a game easier for everyone so much, but if it’s devoid of anything innovative and challenging in the end, then players will be stuck doing the same thing every mission. Missions under level 100 are basically either; build traps so everyone can stand on roof, look pretty and shoot the odd charger that gets through or, don’t build traps and get some exercise around the battlefield with no materials being wasted.

Sure you can say, I want to have a fully upgraded weapon, hero, and re-roll some guns, but what then after that in the long run? I don’t even remember the last time I failed a mission or felt the same adrenaline rush as horde bash waves offered. I want the game to be equally challenging as it is rewarding. There is no content in end-game that requires us to have this arsenal of powerful weapons and traps fully upgraded. I’m sure many end game players are aware and that is what makes us lose motivation to grind. When players lose motivation to grind because there is no reason to have the best of the best, they start to want stuff to be easier to obtain so they are caught up for when they return and don’t have to play as much anymore.

In conlusion: I just don’t want Epic to think of the player base as delicate flowers that can’t handle challenging content. Please Epic, considering putting those cynical waves of horde bash into twine mission rotation. Even if you have to give a warning so the fast farmers don’t have to do it if they don’t want to waste materials, “this deliver the bomb is going to have A LOT of purple and mustard gas lobbers – be prepared, but you get double epic perk up if you’re a good girl and pass – but if you go over the build limit for this quest, you don't get the extra sugar on top”.

Anyways. This was a long rant from a long time lurker. A lot of complaints on reddit, I thought I would add my share on complaining with a different point of view.

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