Save the World? More like End of the World Am-I-Right?

FortniteBattleRoyale5 - Save the World? More like End of the World Am-I-Right?

It would’ve been nice if Epic & Fortnite told us in advance that they were going to delete all of the forums on their official website. A week ago, I posted my ideas and suggestions on Save the World General based on my experiences playing the game. The post got 5 up-votes and 600 views within a week which is not bad for creating a thread on their forums. I managed to find an old cached version of my post. Here is an updated version of what I published:

I finished all of the “story” that Epic made for Save the World. Though, there was only ONE reason why I kept progressing the game all the way to Twine; to unlock more Timed V-Bucks Missions. With the new update that took place a few weeks ago, the developers decided to rotate the missions every 24 hours with a very, very slim chance of V-Bucks Timed Missions showing up. With this reason among MANY other problems I have with the game, I’m not that motivated to progress further into Twine. Here is a list of recommendations that I hope some developers will take a look at (and maybe some players will agree with):

Saber Stryke’s List that will save Save the World:

  1. UPDATE %-CHANCE OF V-BUCKS TIMED MISSIONS FOR 24-HOUR ROTATIONS. There should be at least 1 – 3 Timed V-Bucks Missions every 24 hours. Fortnite generates $1mill (or A LOT more) a day thanks to Battle Royale. I’m sure Epic can spare 25-40 cents worth of V-Bucks to your loyal Save the World players. There has been many 48-hour periods with no V-Bucks Timed Missions and most of the ones that were available were at the high end of Twine.
  2. ADD GLOBAL CHAT. It’s rare to find players at Twine nowadays. Even choosing "Play With Others" doesn't help all the time. I suggest that each world like Stonewood, Plankerton, Canny, and Twine should have their own Global Chat so players can communicate with one another and ask for help if they need it. Players can send mission and SSD invites through the chats (so you don't have to send friend requests to invite). To avoid chat congestion, the players who are chatting at Stonewood won’t see the messages players are sending in Twine. I think this would be a very helpful tool so that players wouldn't have to go to forums to ask for help… As for scammers n’ spammers, it can’t be so hard for Epic’s game developers to code in AI Bots to rule them out. That and/or hire moderators.
  3. MISSION FILTERER. Add a search bar where players can easily find the rewards they’re looking for. For example, let’s say I’m looking for a mission that rewards you with "Lightning in a Bottle". I simply type in "Lighting in a Bottle" and the search results will show all the available, unlocked missions that has that reward. I think this could also be a very helpful tool so players wouldn't have to go to 3rd party websites or manually look in the game for the mission/rewards they need.
  4. BRING BACK BETA STORM RESUPPLY. Farming for materials is boring, a hassle, and a CHORE. I think Beta Storm Resupply could be the perfect mission solely for farming and harvesting mats. The timer needs to be slightly extended though.So one of the tasks is to collect 10 supply crates, no? I thought that each Supply Crate you pick up can give you HERBS, BACON, MECHANICAL PARTS, ORE, and other mats. Maybe each crate can have their own rarity as well… A legendary supply crate can even drop EVO mats… And maybe instead of collecting 10 supply crates, players have to collect 16 of them so there will be enough if 4 players join. Just throwing out some ideas!
  5. BUFF DEFENDERS. My PL106 defenders are easily knocked down by PL45-65+ husks. That sentence right there should be enough to convince Epic to fix defenders. They’re too weak and useless. I know some of you guys are going to say to place the Defenders more strategically, but they’re just too vulnerable against sploders, lobbers, blasters, riot huskies, and takers…
  6. STORM SHIELD DEFENSE HUSK SPAWN. The game should tell the player where exactly the husks will be coming from when expanding your Home-base Storm Shield. It would be nice to know so you don’t waste your time building at a spot that won’t spawn any husks or under-build at a place where the storm will spam the husks.On top of that, the blue shield gets in the way when I'm trying to place traps before expanding SSD. Could you guys program it so that we can go through the shield and place the traps? To be fair, the hero can take damage if they're outside the shield…
  7. INCREASE MECHANICAL PARTS DROP RATE. These mats are ESSENTIAL for weapons and ESPECIALLY TRAPS. If I’m lucky, I can get up to 50 – 75 sturdy or sleek mechanical parts in a city… but that takes like 30 minutes of my time! Who the heck has all the time in the world to constantly farm for this stuff!? I need traps for missions, my storm shields, my friend’s storm shields and War Games… I can’t spare all of my mats for that since the drop rate for Sturdy and Sleek Mechanical parts are super low. Most of the effective traps I use are Retractable Spike Traps, Ceiling Zappers, Wall Darts, Wall dynamo and Broadside which all require mechanical parts… These traps shouldn’t be a rare item to use during game-play.
  8. CRAFTING ENERGY CELLS SHOULD NOT REQUIRE BACON. Now I know not to ever buy or use a weapon that requires Energy Cells. Bacon is a bit of a ridiculous material to need to craft ammo… Why not take out bacon and replace it with 2 batteries and blast powder? I have 3000+ batteries in my backpack and storage just sitting there… So here would be my (MUCH BETTER) version of crafting Energy Cells: 5 Nuts n’ Bolts, 2 Blasting Powder, and 2 batteries. I think that makes a lot more sense. I mean what? The gun needs bacon to shoot lasers?????
  9. RESTART REWARDS SYSTEM FROM SQUARE ONE. The rewarding system throughout this game is incredibly CHEAP; both game-play rewards and quest completion rewards. Players have to constantly grind a lot to get so little out of the game. The Collection Book rewards needs to be entirely revamped. I'm at Twine and so far I reached up to level 75 on the CB. The rewards you get for leveling up to 75 are 20 Pure Drops of Rain and 15 Lightning in a Bottle…………… Epic, what good is that? The rewards you get between Level 1 – Level 100 on the Collection Book are usually rare weapon and trap schematics, less than 50 training manuals and designs per reward, low XP rewards, and etc… Apparently you can level up all the way to 500 on the collection book… I mean, if you have all the time on planet Earth and the only game you play is Save the World then sure yeah I guess that would make sense. I like to keep my schematics and heroes because I might find them useful later on in the game. If I have repeats, a lower rarity when I have a Legendary rarity, or a weapon/hero I personally do not like then yes they will be slotted.Moving on from the Collecton Book… Just today I started Save the World to find a Gift Box screen. I received 4 trap designs, 20 hero manuals, and 14 weapon designs… I'm at Twine, what on earth am I going to do with 4 trap designs??? Guess it's better than nothing…The rewards I get during game-play are bad. Most of the time when you're saving a survivor, defeating an encampment, or some other side tasks at the high end of Canny or Twine the game rewards you like PL20 traps and some other useless stuff you can easily farm for… That and just other stuff that's not even worth recycling. Also, when I'm doing a Twine SSD, some of the mats that the husks drops are Rusty Mechanical Parts… 😕
  10. LLAMA PINATAS NEED TO CHANGE. I've been struggling to get trap designs since I've started playing Save the World half a year ago. Some players responded to this argument by saying "buy llamas, not skins" so I could receive recyclables for trap designs. Are you kidding me??? I would rather pay $20 for an exclusive BR John Wick skin and Marvel Skin than recyclables… Also, trap and weapon designs, and Evolution mats should be a reward EARNED from game-play, not something I need to pay 20 cents – 25 dollars worth of V-Bucks for. Plus, I'm paying V-Bucks for the CHANCE to get recyclables and EVO-mats… So that's not happening. Save the World has this extreme death-grip on Trap Designs, Mystic Survivors/Leads, and Epic and Legendary Perks. That needs to be fixed. I have a lot of cool schematics that I would like to try out and experiment with but I can't since I barely receive EVO mats and designs. Also, if players are going to spend V-Bucks on llama pinatas, maybe they should receive something EXCLUSIVE at a high rarity with awesome perks. Not recyclables and a small chance of getting useful items.
  11. SAVE THE WORLD IS A CHORE PART I: GAMES SHOULD NOT BE REPETITIVE AND DULL. Save the World feels more like a chore than a game to enjoy. You do the same set of missions across Stonewood, Plankerton, Canny, and Twine and fight against the same set of husks. There is BARELY any change as I progressed from Stonewood to Twine. All you do is search stuff and defend, search stuff and defend, search stuff and defend, search stuff and defend, and search stuff and defend. And then when the game developers create events for Save the World, what do you do? Search stuff and defend but for tickets. It’s the same thing over and over… The only thing that was different and unique was the Storm King. Why is the Storm King so different you may ask? Because you weren’t searching stuff and defending. And if you weren't searching stuff for the Main Quest, then it was either picking up or destroying stuff… same thing. Canny was especially extensive and repetitive. Did it really need to be 19 pages??? Each page you had to do 3 – 4 Main Quests… and sometimes you weren't able to complete them in just 1 mission. So that's probably like 76 – 100+ missions played at Canny. What also makes this game a chore is how players have to constantly farm and harvest from different locations all over the map to get the materials they need for regular missions and storm shields (ESPECIALLY WAR-GAMES). That’s why I gave my Beta Storm Resupply idea… a perfect 15 minute time-saving mission that can help players farm and harvest mats quickly.
  12. SAVE THE WORLD IS A CHORE PART II: GAMES SHOULD BE CREATIVE AND FUN. Create more varieties of missions! Add different and new husks for each biome and region of the World map. IDK something! As I said before there is barely any change when you progress from Stonewood to Twine. You defend the same thing and fight against the same husks. I have a few ideas: Maybe each world like Stonewood and Plankerton should have their own Final Boss version like the Storm King? Why doesn't Save the World include Cinematic Events or LTM's like in Battle Royale? Maybe Save the World should have their own version of Creative Mode so players can create their own ideas and twist to the game.
  13. HOW TO DEAL WITH AFK'ERS AND LEECHERS. It's not that hard. If there is any reason why these types of players are thriving is because Epic is not doing an efficient job dealing with them. That or a lot of players are actually not reporting them. So here are three pretty good ideas on how to get rid of 'em in-game: If a player is idle (or moving around at the same spot) and they get knocked down twice without even responding to the respawn menu, they need to get INSTA kicked. If a player is idle and doing absolutely nothing for the first 3 – 5 minutes joining the mission, an option should appear where the teammates can vote to kick the AFK'er out. If a player is idle but moving their hero/character to avoid the AI from detecting AFK'ers and Leechers, the AI should recognize that the player's has an extremely low combat, building, and utility score within the first 5 – 10 minutes joining the mission. At that point, the AI should allow the teammates a vote to kick them out. There you go. Done. BAM. KAPOW. AFK'ERS and LEECHERS have drastically decreased 101%. No need to sacrifice Timed V-Bucks missions…..
  14. TRANSFER BATTLE ROYALE EMOTES TO SAVE THE WORLD. Just for the fun of it. I mean, if banners can transfer to STW why not emotes? Is that like some kind of strategic business move on Epic's part so that Save the World players can play Battle Royale??
  15. WHAT TO DO IF SAVE THE WORLD BECOMES FREE. Epic should find a way to respect their founders who payed for the game. Perhaps only Founders should have access to Daily Login Rewards and Daily Quest? That and exclusive access to timed v-bucks missions? If the game is going to be free there's going to a drastic increase of AFK'ers and leeches on Timed V-Bucks missions (unless Epic considers my 13th idea which I think will really help). Also, it would be nice if Founders can use some of the exclusive STW skins onto Battle Royale.

These are all of my suggestions and ideas I wanted to share based on my experiences playing from Stonewood all the way to Twine. Save the World has a lot of potential and I just want it to be the best version it can be. What do you guys think? I'm sure there is a lot more to discuss about but this is all I got for now. I would appreciate some feedback from the community!

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