Save The World needs a Reboot!

FortniteBattleRoyale6 - Save The World needs a Reboot!

Want to s*ve STW? Here's what I think needs to be done if Epic Games wants to keep the game alive.

Edit: I'll be constantly making edits to this posts taking ideas from the community and finishing some of my thoughts when im not tired:)


Let me start by saying I love STW. This month marks the 2 year anniversary since I started playing. And as an unpopular opinion- I love the repetitiveness of it. I love knowing exactly what I'm getting into whenever I log in. However, that isn't to say it can't get dull or boring. Which sucks. I'm power level 131 and I've completed the Campaign. And now I'm bored. To me theirs no reason to fight the Mythic Storm King. I don't really need the Mythic Weapons to do the missions I do play – which to e completely honest as of now STW is just a Vbuck farmer for me. I don't do the new questlines for boring weapons or Heros I don't like or care for or plainly put: won't change how I've been playing for 2 years. I have all the "meta" hero loadouts for each class. I have the Grave Digger, Nocturno, Bundle Bus, + a lot more powerful weapons that I'll never stop using. Because there's just no point to.

I hope by pointing this out you see the issue. The games stale. There's nothing to work for except your daily Vbuck missions. And in my opinion, STW can and should be SO MUCH MORE!

Personally I feel a complete overhaul to how STW is updated and monetized would change so much. And just like Battle Royale got in Chapter 2, I think STW needs to be rebooted.


STW is a grind. Anyone who has played it knows that you won't beat it in a few hours. It's also extremely complicated and not new player friendly. The game doesn't explain how to use the Survivors to max out your power level. The game doesn't teach you how to trap tunnel. Or how powerful Hero Loadouts can be with playing the game how you want. The game doesn't teach you the FUNDAMENTALS to play it at all. So I think it's time to start fresh. Start everyone at PL 1 and polish each zone before making a new one. Also,heroes I'd like to say it now. You KEEP most of the schematics and heros you earned before the reboot too. Which would also be level 1. The only exception I could really think of is the Mythic Weapons. A PL 1 with a Mythic would be insanely overpowered! Plus I have other plans for them later on. 😉


On the launch of STW V.2 players should start with an introduction like the one we got but instead of just place Spike Traps all over the ground and defend while launching the rocket. How about an introduction to more traps like Gas and Ceiling Electric traps too? In Twine and Canny I NEVER use Spike Traps so why was that the trap I learned? And these shouldn't all be crammed into one mission. They should be spread out across the entire Stonewood SSD 1-6. Each time you load up the SSD you're fighting a new husk and you need to place a new trap to counter it. This precedent of using the SSDs to teach players about the game will continue throughout the entire game. And we'll get back to it later!

New Biomes!

I'd imagine with the reintroduction of players entering Stonewood. I feel like it should get a cosmetic overhaul. In that, it should add new house variants and car variants. In my opinion, it should still stay flat and mostly spacey so new players can explore without feeling so crowded. But please don't just readd Stonewood – Twine Peaks with nothing changed but new houses and cars.


With the overhaul, I'd like to suggest adding Hexsylvania, Snow (Frostbite Location), the Tropical Shores, and Volcano themed biomes as permanent biomes with special materials and husks different from the other biomes. This would make the game more dynamic because instead of these "side biomes" that are separate from the main storyline being locked at a certain PL, they'd be available from whenever you unlock them to PL131+. It could even be more interesting than that. Say maybe the player has to choose between the biomes after launching the rocket and complete the biome specific Campaign quests before they can continue to another biome. So instead of Stone-> Plank-> Canny-> Twine, it could start with Stone then lead to Plankerton, Snowy zone, OR a Tropical zone. Then after all three are complete the player goes to Canny -> Hexsylvania -> then finally the volcanic TWINE PEAKS (and then something else after 😉 ). The 3 choice options should each have an exclusive husk. The snowy zone would have frozen elemental husks that take more damage from fire elemental weapons for example. Then you'd get Frozen Perk Up to make your weapons ice elemental. The zone would spawn exclusive materials you could farm to create frozen traps. I'd imagine each zone would have its own type of missions on top of the base kind. The snowy zone missions would be Frostbite themed. The Tropical Zone would have Pirate Missions and so on and so forth. I hope this explains how I'd want the biomes to work. Each biome is unique and has it's own perks to offer the player even until endgame.

Each biomes quest line would offer exclusive schematics from completing it. In the Tropical Zone you would unlock the Flintknock and other Steampunk weapons on top of unlocking Pirate Heroes. And in Hexsylvania you'd unlock the Grave Digger, Ghost Pistol, Spectral Blade with all the Fortnitemares Heros going back to 2017.

New Progression System!

In STW V.2, whenever you reach a new PL you unlock something. Whether it be a llama voucher, a new weapon schematic, or even a cosmetic for reaching a milestone. I think PL should be tied to XP as opposed to survivors. Let's face it, the survivors are really confusing for new players. And you have to buy llamas to even get the survivors you'd need to complete the set. This isn't F2P friendly and requires some luck and should absolutely be changed or just forgotten. I think the XP is way more viable because it shows playtime, more skill, and makes more sense.

This also opens up the option for a battle pass system in STW.

New Rewards! Cosmetics and More!

Upon completing your first SSD, you should unlock the Recruit Ramirez skin. Since she is the main character of STW it makes sense that you'd get to play as her if you wanted. In fact, you should be able to unlock plenty of skins from completing the campaign and doing seasonal challenges. Maybe even mission alerts would reward you with pickaxes and backblings too. I definitely think cosmetics should be sold in a STW item shop. Here you'd be able to buy skins of Jess, Penny, Kyle and other STW themed Skins, Picks, and Cosmetics. I'm not exactly sure how they would separate the 2 Item Shops but I'd be okay with a weekly shop as opposed to a daily one. At least until the shop gets bigger.

I could continue for a long time with what should be added to STW but I really want to see how the community reacts to the idea of a reboot!

And please make STW free and find other ways to monetize it. The more players enjoying this game the better!

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