Save The World needs to prioritize Monetization over seasonal maps, heroes, and weapons.

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - Save The World needs to prioritize Monetization over seasonal maps, heroes, and weapons.

Battle Royal Battle Royal probably got the locker way in advance as they needed an incentive to get people to keep playing.

You don't want the huge amount of weapons like save the word has as in battle royal and you can only rotate in and out so many weapons as a incentive.

You don't want different abilities as they need to be balanced (the Avengers mode was fun though and something like that should rotate in every once in a while)

Cosmetics offered in the Battle Pass was a huge hit and their answer for monetization.

Save The World

In Save the World there doesn't seem like there was much thought on how to generate money other than the llamas.

I understand this as the development team's thought process was not on how to best monetize this game mode as they are concerned with the gameplay.

However, people will only buy so many Llamas and then no longer have a need for anymore.

With x-ray Llamas people will now buy even less.

This is why the Locker is the focus right now as it should be.

Hopefully, this means the development team will prioritize adding exclusive the world cosmetics as suggested by others instead of seasonal maps, heroes, and weapons.

**They would then get a budget to bring in more developers and fix the core gameplay before going back to adding seasonal maps, heroes, and weapons.

Hopefully, also adding in community ideas for more mission types, hero ideas, team perks, rewards, etc.,**

I liked other people ideas on skins and effects for the heroes abilities.

Outlanders 1. Skins/wraps for Teddy and/or visual effects for his guns and lasers.

  1. Contrails for Phase Shift

  2. Skins/Wraps for Shock Tower and/or visual effects for the lighting

  3. Visual effects for Seismic Smash fissure

  4. Visual Effects for In the Zone

  5. Visual Effects for Anti-Material charge, display something when hitting husks or structures.

  6. Skins/Wraps for Loot Llamas

  7. Custom voice lines for abilities.

Ninjas 1. Visual effects for Smoke Bomb colors and like contrails

  1. Skins/Wraps for Throwing Stars and/or Visual effects. Throw snowflakes, cookies, gnomes, etc.

  2. Visual effects for Dragon Slash display something on the husks. Have contrails when using snuggle specialist Sarah as a commander in support. Bandages for Sarah hotep, hearts for snuggle, easter eggs, list goes on.

  3. Skins/Wraps for Kunai Storm change the Kunai appearance and/or visual effects for the barrage

  4. Visual effects for Crescent Kick for the attack and visual effect when hitting the husks.

  5. Contrails for Mantis Leap

  6. Visual effects for Shadow Stance

  7. Visual effects for perks like hover.

  8. Custom voice lines for abilities

Constructor 1. Skins/Wraps for D.E.C.O.Y.

  1. Skins/Wraps for Plasma Pulse and/or visual effects for the mines they drop

  2. Skins/Wraps for Bull Rush and/or visual effects. Use something else for a shield and leave a contrail.

  3. Skins/Wraps for Goin' Constructor and/or visual effects. (Probably cost more time to develop with different body types)

  4. Skins/Wraps for R.O.S.I.E. and/or visual effects

  5. Skins/Wraps for structures affected by B.A.S.E. and/or visual effects f the husks affected by b.a.s.e.

  6. Music for B.A.S.E

  7. Visual Effects for Kinetic Overload

  8. Custom voice lines for abilities

Soldier 1. Visual effects for Ground Pound

  1. Skins/Wraps for Frag Grenade Throw snowballs for example.

  2. Visual Effects for Team Perks Keep Out effects to go with Frag Grenade

  3. Visual Effects for War Cry and/or music

  4. Visual effects for Shockwave crater and visual effect for abilities like speed after.

  5. Skins/Wraps for Going Commando!!! and/or visual effects

  6. Skins/Wraps for Lefty and Righty and/or visual effects

  7. Visual effects for Suppressive Fire

  8. Visual effects for Stay Frosty

  9. Custom voice lines for abilities

Team Perks Either Skins/Wraps and/or visual effects applied.

Hero abilities Ninja floating, Ninja Contrail are only for certain heroes for example.

Icon sets in the menus Halloween, Christmas, Birthday Themeing

Menu Background Images and music

Loading Screens

Husk Sounds

There are loads of things that can be bringing in money to Save The World and we need it implemented quickly

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