Save the World: New Storyline Ideas

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Hey Epic! I know you're super busy developing new content for Battle Royale, so thought I'd try to help and pitch in some ideas to expand the Save the World story mode:

  • After a group of Outlanders successfully loot the zone in Investigate the Crater, a yet-to-hit asteroid fragment “the size of Plankerton” threatens what remains of world. As such, an elite mission must be assembled to land on the asteroid and drop a Bluglo bomb down a 1,000 foot shaft to crack the asteroid in half and Save the World. On the elite team is roughneck AC Striker, his fiancée Gwen (short for Gwenadier) Ramirez and her father Kyle. The twist is that the mission goes wrong and Kyle must sacrifice himself in the end, but it’s okay, the Mission Reward is a blue shotgun transform key.

  • In another story, an ex-Ranger must infiltrate the husks to collect more data. To do this, he must fuse his mind into a husk’s body, thus becoming Blaster Jonesy. As a Blaster, he finds himself torn between two worlds as he falls in Love with a mysterious yet feisty, blue Lobber. It’s a desperate fight for Jonesy’s own survival and that of his newfound people.

  • In a more edgy quest, a squad of four must navigate their pursuit of the Storm Chest in silence after the zone includes miniboss Super-Hearing Non-Vulnerable Husks that can knock you down with one hit if they even catch a whisper of trade talk. It truly is the hardest road as no gun dropping or dancing emotes are allowed!

  • Finally, an extra special quest where you play as TV Weatherman Jonesy working for a local station in Canny Valley. On one mission, your squad is sent on assignment to Retrieve the Data in a Survivor Shelter that needs Repair after taking damage from a Category 2 Storm. When an abnormal weather pattern strands you, however, you boot up the next mission with the strangest sense of déjà vu. You seem to be living the same quest over again: Repair the Survivor Data Shelter in a Category 3 Storm. The next mission it happens again, and then again. And then again. And then again, again.

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