Save The World Redesign

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Save The World has the grind of a hardcore MMO, but none of the fun rewards of an MMO.

This needs to change, IMO.

Here are some suggestions that have been floating around this Reddit that could solve this problem:

-Make it more of a Looter Shooter where mobs drop things like schematics, built traps & weapons, Caches, etc. Not just crafting materials.

-Cosmetics (skins, pets, pickaxes, vehicles (hover boards; golf carts; gliders) rewards for missions, quests and challenges, or… Purchasable in the weekly /daily store*

*This is where the cross-over locker with BR would come into play.

-Dungeon instances since bunker and cave systems exist on the maps. Have them reward usual loot, but also exclusive cosmetics making them worth running.

-Social Hub similar to Destiny's Tower where players can safely trade and/or group up for missions, challenges, dungeons, etc. Or just a chill place to do dance and test new emotes!


-NPCs… Like Ned… Who give out quests in the maps that require a lot more than fetching medkits :p

-Social Group Functions (Guilds, Clans) where like-minded players can group up and that offer unique rewards based on group progression (weekly, monthly).

-New mission types and game modes that don't revolve around defending objectives e.g. Escort missions, Competitive PVE modes like Gambit from Destiny, etc.

-Open World expansion where the BR map is converted to PVE activities where groups can free roam and take on World Events & Bosses for sweet loot (cosmetic or otherwise).

Epic needs to think about this game long-term because while the main story line and biomes will come eventually, there needs to be more than this to keep players logging in… Especially if they want F2P players.

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