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Recycled assets aren’t always a bad thing in a game. One of my favorite examples of a recycled asset in a game is an old PS2 and Xbox game you might know has spongebob squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom. Where through out the levels you see some assets being reused, but in clever ways that don’t come off as lazy. For example they put umbrellas underwater, but hid the part that protects you from rain so it looked like it was just a stick poking out of the water and holding something up. Signs and characters you can talk to are re used as well. In the mermalair level you talk to a giant computer, but in reality, a model of barnacle boy is hidden behind the computer and that is what you are talking to, but it appears like you are talking to the computer. These are clever ways of reusing assets that aren’t lazy. I thought I’d use spongebob cause: I mean who doesn’t like sponge bob. You are not a bear if you dislike spongebob.

But back to point of this post. We all know that epic likes to recycle assets, but assets are more recycled for battle Royale than save the world. I mean it’s everywhere, skins are often just heroes transferred over from save the world. Now we may have BR skins transferred to save the world but a large chunk of them are new subclasses. Now here’s the point getting I’m getting into. Once save the world free releases recycling assets won’t hurt it in the long run. We have the majority of battle pass skins coming to save the world, plus the road trip skin. Now from a person looking in from BR they’ll realize this. They can grind for only two hours a day and they’ll get epic and legendary skins in br from all the gold they’re earning, vs grinding to get all 100 tiers in the battle pass. In addition to cosmetic stuff, the skins have actual tactical value to them.


This is what will save save the world. When I suggested the mode to my friends with the recent sale they were honestly freaked out. They just got, Raven, wukong, Vaughn, Evelyn, the chromium heroes, and other characters they didn’t even know existed. Battle Royale will lose players cause of save the world. People will realize they would be wasting their time in BR paying money for individual skins, when they can just pay the price of two legendaries, which they earn right away in BR with the founders skins, an entire game, and legendary and epic skins coming to save the world that they can earn quickly. Ragnarock is the final battle pass skin, and then can earn him in just a few hours, compared to grinding the entire battle pass, plus challenges.

After people realizing the absurd amount of recycled assets from save the world in BR they’ll want to play and appreciate the source of it, or a quicker, easier, and more beneficial way of eating the same things.

This in turn will make epic care about save the world more. A significantly larger community will come here and they will have a huge reason to support it more because of this. Unless they add skins that won’t appear in save the world. But considering how many of us came from BR for vbucks, and then fell in love with the game, I highly doubt people will like that.

This also has its flaws. Epic likely knows that with the release of save the world the sales of skins will go down significantly. That’s what is halting this game. They’re trying to maximize the amount of sales they can make before it going free.

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