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FortniteBattleRoyale8 - Saving Save The World: The Dream Update

Hello! I am a dedicated Save The World player and, based on the current state of the game, have decided to spend my time making on what I believe to be the best possible news that I could receive about this game in the next update. I truly hope that someone who works on the STW team might see this and maybe get a better view into what seasoned players might want. My intention is to, at the very least, spur positive & constructive conversation, and at most, persuade developers to implement some much needed improvements to my favorite game. Below is a comprehensive list of my ideas, and things that I think should be changed. This list is mostly Quality of Life improvements, and I will not include the current well-known bugs that Epic is no doubt aware of and already working on.

Let's jump right in:

Fortnite: Save The World Patch Notes

Main Menu

  • The expedition screen Open button no longer appears grayed out, causing a restart.
  • You can now choose what weapons you want to showcase on the wall on the Armory tab.
  • Added a background to the Quests tab.
  • Added the option to give XP boosts to teammates while on the Launch screen.


  • All hero abilities are now slotted in the same positions as other heroes of the same class.
  • The constructors passive ability has returned! Build and upgrade structures at a reduced cost.
  • R.O.S.I.E. will not overheat.
  • All defenders are now available for reset via a reset token.
  • Shockwave now eliminates all bees in its radius.
  • After leveling a hero to five stars, you now have the ability to set the hero outfit to look like any of the previous star levels.
  • Soldiers are now able to pick up loot while using the minigun.
  • Survivors
    • All survivors and lead survivors can now be reset with a reset token.


  • Made it obsidian? All schematics are now eligible for reset! Reset tokens are earned through spending Research points. Purchase reset tokens in the weekly shop. View your reset tokens on the Resources tab.
  • Recycling a schematic now correctly gives all reperk invested from switching perks.
  • New Weapons
    • The Flamethrower! Burn husks to a crisp with this newest addition. Does not consume ammo, but has low durability.
    • The Chainsaw! Rip through Riot Huskies with this newest addition. Does not consume ammo, but has low durability.
  • Traps
    • Gas traps element can now be changed to energy.
    • Wall dynamos element can now be changed to energy.
    • Ceiling electric field element can now be changed to energy.
    • Wall darts element can now be changed to fire, water, nature, or energy.
    • Freeze traps now correctly show Impact when inspecting the schematic.
    • Cozy campfires now correctly show Healing Amount when inspecting the schematic.
    • Healing pads crafting cost has been reduced.


  • Introducing the backpack filter! Avoid automatically picking up low star level items.
  • New Tab – Miscellaneous
    • Get to crafting! Players can now craft port-a-forts, fireworks, stink bombs, etc.

User Interface (UI)

  • Scroll with ease! Two more columns have been added to the backpack crafting screens on Ranged Weapons, Melee Weapons, and Traps. No more empty space!
  • Collected BluGlo now appears at the top of your inventory next to building materials.
  • Critical rating/chance/damage stats are now included in Potential DPS when inspecting a schematic.
  • Teammates now appear as different colors on the in-game minimap.


  • Mission Modifiers
    • Chrome – it's back! Fight bullet-resistant metallic huskies and mist monsters in this "returning" mission modifier.
    • Storm – storm moves in closer as the match nears the end.
  • Mission alerts have been revamped!
  • Play With Others
    • Added an option for matchmaking – Storm Shields only! Apply this setting under the Custom option.
  • Beta Storms
    • New mode – Mist Monsters only!
    • Test The Limits! has been removed.
  • Rescue The Survivors
    • Mission now ends shortly after the last survivor has been rescued.
  • Retrieve The Data
    • Players are now able to immediately shoot the balloon down when the Recommended Building Limit has been reached.
    • The unbuildable area has been removed. The balloon now behaves like a Salvaged Drone crash, destroying structures directly below it when it lands.
  • Added a new Resources screen at the end of each successful mission! See the number of total resources you've collected from your current mission. This feature will be worked on in the future, as we intend to include a list of husks killed, damage done, and an overall better visual explanation of player score at the end of the mission.
  • Drop that calculator! Previewing the Rewards for a mission on the Map tab now shows the number of XP for the selected mission.
  • You can now see the number of alerts you have.
  • The storm shield will be removed after the player has completed all of their defenses. Explore freely!
  • Players can no longer go underneath their Plankerton SSD. The player is now correctly eliminated after going off the map.
  • Players can no longer go underneath their Twine Peaks SSD. The lava tunnels are now damaging as intended.
  • You can now increase the difficulty in 4 player missions.
  • Save those alerts! You now have the ability to opt in or out of a Mega Alert.
  • All players can now contribute towards the total BloGlo amount for an objective.


  • Survivor pylons – You can no longer place a floor, upgrade it, then talk to the survivor. Pylon Place interaction now requires picking up the pylon as intended.
  • All around the globe! Zones are now spread across the entire globe on the Map screen; swivel the globe to select the right zone.
  • The restriction on ammo storage has been removed. Player's backpacks can now hold many stacks of the same ammo type.
  • Trap Wheel
    • Added new option to trap wheel – Gadgets!
    • B.A.S.E. is no longer on the Floor section of the trap wheel, and has moved to Gadgets.
    • The hoverboard has moved to the Gadget portion of the trap wheel. No more waiting!
  • Dance your way to victory! Emotes have been added in Save The World.
  • Players can now crouch.
  • All 6 star materials have been removed.
  • Team Chat
    • New option for team chat – "Storm Chest"
    • New option for team chat – "Thanks"
    • New option for team chat – "gg"
    • Replaced "Rally Point" with "Upgrade"
  • Free loot? Not so fast! Mimics now appear visually different depending on the level of the chest. Beware the tier 6!

Coming Soon… (Random Ideas)

  • Crafting Tab – Ingredients
    • Players are now able to craft powders from stone.
    • Players are now able to craft planks from wood.
    • Players are now able to craft nuts and bolts from metal.
  • Shockwave now knocks down Riot Huskies.
  • New miniboss modifier – Strike! This electric modifier sends bolts of lightning through its enemies.
  • The Airstrike gadget now leaves a pool of fire on the ground, similar to the Quad Launcher.
  • Floor launchers can now be placed on ramps.
  • Survivors that are not saved turn into mini-minibosses that attack the player.
  • Outlanders can now phase shift through walls.
  • The Constructors' Bull Rush now picks up Riot Huskies.
  • New husk – the Healer!
  • Vote-to-kick
  • Prestige
  • Change homebase name
  • Locker

The Coming Soon… section are just some fun ideas I had that I haven't thought about enough to take seriously. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed my dream patch notes for Save The World. If you're still reading, I am a YouTuber who makes videos and streams this game. You can reach me at Discord, Twitter, Instagram, or Twitch, but I'm not going to link anything. I look forward to hearing everyone's ideas, and hopefully you guys didn't hate my suggestions. I think that at this point, us players are going to have to step up and take time out of our day to give constructive feedback to the developers. Epic if you are listening I hope that this feedback helps. See you guys in the next set of patch notes!

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