Scrpit Piece/Concept Introduction of A.I.M in Twine Peaks

FortniteBattleRoyale6 - Scrpit Piece/Concept Introduction of A.I.M in Twine Peaks

This is a script of an idea I had for a part of Twine Peak in which Ray Finds out that the explosions that should have killed Dr. Vinderman and Desiree actually caused them to be sucked into Multidimensional rifts that were ripped open by the explosions and shut soon after the explosion receded. This goes in line with the Theory that BRs Visitor is Dr. Vinderman and my own that The Paradigm is Desiree.

???: Power on. Scanning surroundings. Human being found. Analyzing…

Ray: Uh… Commander.. I don't know if that thing is safe.. it did just power on in a rocket similar to our own style that seems to have come from a different dimension…

???: Analysis complete. Storm Survivor found. Greetings Storm Survivor, I am the Autonomous Investigation Multidimensional Battle Operations Tracker. Please take me to your leader.

Ray: Hello! I am the leader! So you said your Name is A.I.M.B.O.T?

A.I.M.: I am the Autonomous Investigat-

Ray: I'm gonna call you A.I.M. for short. That's honestly a mouthful.

A.I.M.: … Understood.

Ray: so… what can we do for you A.I.M.

A.I.M.: I have been sent here by my creators to investigate explosions that caused multidimensional rifts to open and close upon explosion. One confirmed is located in the deserts of Canny Valley. The other confirmed is located in a dimension of darkness. There are Five unconfirmed.

Ray: Multidimensional rifts? Canny Valley?

Lars: You wouldn't be talking about the portal we opened to get to the Storm King, would you?


A.I.M.: Negative. Explosion confirmed to have happened inside Storm King Domain.

Ray: Wait… what? You don't mean..

A.I.M.: My creators sent me with a message for the one called Ray. Do you know this Ray?

Ray: I'm Ray… what's the message?

A.I.M.: Beginning message playback

static then an unknown voice speaks

???: Hello Ray. You need not know who I am. The important thing here is that I know who you are. Unfortunately due to a reset in the dimension I stand in, I cannot provide you with the evidence I wanted to. It was destroyed when everything succumbed to Zero. However, the news I send this messenger with… is that the ones you call Dr. Vinderman and Desiree are very much alive. They continue to fight the storm with others as a war among factions goes on in an endless time loop created by the storm. However, Desiree may not have an alliance with Vinderman. We know nothing of the whereabouts of either, nor do we know of Desirees Allegiance. Both are unknown. Do not fret though, for I am not your enemy nor will you be alone in the hunt. %!&÷#% out.

Ray: I don't believe it.. He's alive…

A.I.M.: we must go back to canny to investigate the explosion site. It may lead us Dr. Vinderman.

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