Scurvy Shoals Venture Modifier Adjustments

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - Scurvy Shoals Venture Modifier Adjustments

Hey Commanders,

We’ve heard the recent feedback about the Scurvy Shoals Venture modifier and agree that things are aggressively overtuned.

Here’s some changes that have been made in a recently released hotfix. Note, these changes may take a few minutes to impact all players:

Super Ranged Monsters – We're temporarily removing the Ventures modifier from Lobbers, Flingers, and Pitchers. This means they’ll only throw one projectile and deal their normal damage to players and structures rather than their modified projectiles. Zappers and Blasters will remain unchanged for the time being.

We definitely want to introduce a challenge when creating these modifiers and want players to find new and creative ways to handle them. However, these projectiles are way overtuned due to both balancing and a bug that’s causing the damage reduction of these projectiles to only apply to Heroes and not Structures / Objectives. We feel that the multiple projectiles is an important part of the modifier and we’ll be re-introducing them (with the correct damage tuning and targeting) in a later update.

Super Tough Husks – We’re toning back the environmental damage that Huskies (Normal and Chrome), Sploders, Riot Shields, and Smashers deal to structures and further decreasing their movement speed.


The overall goal here was to have these enemies create a dangerous presence as they slowly close in on your Fort. We wanted to make them move slowly enough that you have plenty of time to engage and take them down before they can do too much damage.

However, the movement speed debuff wasn’t as slow as we would like and is only a minor drawback considering the damage these Husks can actually deal once they reach your base. We feel that slowing them down even more and toning back their damage will still keep them a threat, give players plenty of time to focus them down, and reduce the havoc they cause if they get inside of your Base.

Looking ahead, we’ll be removing the ability for Chrome Huskies and Mini-Bosses to gain these modifiers in a future patch. The stacking of Mini-Boss and Venture modifiers created some nasty and extremely overpowered Husk combinations. This modifier is designed to be difficult; but not at THAT level of difficulty.

Note: There still may be instances where Mini-Bosses are overpowered until we can release the patch and this change can take effect, however the immediate change to the Super Tough Husks modifier will help mitigate their strengths.

Thank you for the continued feedback on the Ventures modifiers and we’ll continue to monitor the feedback after these changes take effect.

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