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Hey folks, as we all know, Season 10 is approaching. Fast, with a bit over 2 weeks. This is why I've decided to make a list of things I think will be coming the next season. Now, you will definately think that the things I'm putting on this list are wishful thinking, and believe me, a few weeks ago, that would have been my reaction. But after thinking long and hard, I've come to realize that Season 10 will be one of, if not the, best Seasons for StW.

WHY WILL S10 BE SO GOOD? – There's a couple of reasons as to why I think this. For one, it is Season 10. The 10th of anything is a milestone and the day it drops, the 18th of July, is pretty darn close to the day Save the World entered EA, the 25th of July (One day before my Birthday btw), so 2 years of being ignored. Yay?

Another important thing to mention is their radio silence regarding important content coming in the future as of late and how little they actually did this season in terms of cool content. They also released the very uninspired 14 Days of Summer event, which was just fetch quests that didn't even have dialogue. I believe this is because Season 10 will be their big break where they release everything we've wanted in a big boom. The silence? To increase the surprise factor when it comes out. The small amount of content? They were occupied working on bigger things. Now, let's get to the gritty details.

EMOTES – If only one of these happens, it's probably this one. My main piece of evidence in this argument is
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this year. First of all, thanks to
u/demonjoefrance for making a video about this, but for those who can't watch video rn, the animation panel in Unreal Fest had a section where they were showing a comparison between Jonesy and Kyle doing different BR emotes. They were talking about scaling when working with bigger models or something (sorry I'm not experienced in animation), but the important bit is Kyle. You can tell it's not perfect, there are a bit of clipping issues but it ain't bad either. The real kicker? Unreal Fest 2019 took place early May (10th – 12th), 2 months ago. I'm not saying 100% comfirmed, but I believed that from then to the release of Season 10, they probably could have finished the emotes (although they have taken a 2 week vacation so IDK) and have them scheduled to release by S10's release. However, I do believe the locker is out of the picture until a few seasons down the road.


TWINE PEAKS – For starters, there are two important parts here: The unique biome and the storyline. Let's get the easy one out of the way. In Season 8, Epic randomly decided to add the Plankerton biome, which was the Autumn biome. It was an awkward situation, because the Plankerton storyline was in the game Day 1, where as Canny didn't get a storyline until Season 5. However, Canny storline (or at least Act 1) came with a unique biome: the desert. What I'm trying to say here is that new biomes pretty much drop randomly. Another reason why the biome will probably come the next season is because it's summer. What do people most associate with summer? A beach. And judging by the Storm Shield, Twine Peaks is a costal area with beaches and volcanoes. Perfect for summer.

The Storyline could also drop next season. There are three reasons for that. One of them is because we are in summer vacation and people have more free time. This means more time to play Fortnite and to do the new Twine Peaks storyline. There is also a more interesting reason. The B-Day event is coming in a few days. I believe they are also using this event as a way to prepare the players against the new, challenging, Twine storyline. So they give people a whole load of new weapons and heroes. The final reason is related to the no dialogue 14 Days of Summer event. The reason no one had voicelines was because all the actors were occupied filming the new Twine storyline. That would kinda excuse that shitty event IMO.

Thanks for making it down here. Now I'm gonna go to sleep

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