Season 10 Review, What I want to see in Season 11 and other Musings

FortniteBattleRoyale2 - Season 10 Review, What I want to see in Season 11 and other Musings

Yesterday I was watching Isherwood's stream and Dave the Buck mentioned in chat that he would appreciate any feedback on Season 10 so here's mine.

The Good

The Rad heroes, especially Break Beat Wildcat, are great additions to the game. The Rockin' Riffs hero perk and Totally Rockin' Out team perk are also amazing. The Rad weapons have some great weapons and some subpar just like any other set but overall I'd say they are among the better event weapon sets in the game.

The Sound Wall trap being added was one of the highlights for me. I'd take a new trap each event over new heroes or weapons. Hopefully we get a new trap with each new seasonal event going forward.

Hit the Road was fun the first few times as there were several different possible objectives but once all those were completed it got boring. I applaud the dev team for trying something new.

Exploding Deathburst being removed was a good design decision as it was contrary to how the game was designed to be played. Exploding Deathbomb is much more manageable.

Adding emotes, loading screens and pickaxe customization was well received and long overdue.

The Bad

First and foremost we didn't get the seasonal event until the 10.20 update on 8/27, which was 4 weeks after the start of the season. Not having new content other than Hit the Road, which I'll get to shortly, really kills any hype the new season had. We really need to get the new event and mode on day 1 of a major update like the other mode does otherwise why even tie STW updates to the other mode?

As mentioned Hit the Road became very boring after a few runs. We were then forced to complete it in order to obtain the Sound Wall trap, one of two mythic heroes from past events and the first loading screen exclusive to STW. Firstly, having to earn things in this game is how I think the game should be designed so I don't mind the fact that we had to complete missions to get these things. However, they could have been included in the first week or two so that we wouldn't have been burned out on Hit the Road like we were after a month.

Also I want to mention that it was misleading stating we could earn mythic heroes via Hit the Road by collecting magazines. When I read that I thought we could earn both as neither has returned since their initial release other than in Year 2 Birthday Llamas. I needed both for the Collection Book but what about those that had neither? They are now missing out on one of the team perks.

As Hit the Road (hopefully) fades into the sunset I look back and see both a missed opportunity and the feeling that we were forced to play it to justify its existence. Had it been treated like War Games or Frostnite with weekly challenges it would have been more tolerable but instead we got all the variations on day 1 and only got one new variation much later in the season. Being forced to play it 3 times to get a mythic hero and 3 more times for the loading screen was no fun at all.

The War Games rewards adjustment basically destroyed the game mode. I get that having players AFK it for rewards for the entirety of season 9 was not what the devs wanted but the reduction in rewards made it not worth playing unless the daily challenge modifiers are super easy. If War Games is to remain in the game I would increase the daily rewards by 50% and add a bonus reward for completing all four in one day.

Changing spawns in SSDs in the 10.20 update on 8/27 was a short-sighted attempt at preventing players from abusing game mechanics (still would like to get Epic's official stance on it as to whether it's an exploit or not) to get easy rewards. It made Endurance unplayable without major rebuilds. Later the spawns were fixed in Twine but the other three zones still remain broken more than a month later. While I don't play Endurance much anymore there are many that do and I fear for them that the devs will adjust the rewards down like they did with War Games in 11.00 or soon after.

The Long Road Home questline was yet another almost entirely fetch quest chore. Here's my idea of how it could have been presented while avoiding meaningless fetch quests.

We got a new cut scene for finishing the Canny questline but you cannot replay it after initially watching it.

The Ugly

Twine Peaks had PL108 and up missions added on 4/25. The added difficulty did not come with added rewards and immediately there was feedback provided on this sub regarding this issue. On 8/14, 16 weeks later, the first iteration of improved rewards were introduced. They were not an improvement. On 9/11, 4 weeks later and 20 weeks after the initial release of high Twine missions, evolution resource rewards were increased but not perk or re-perk. We have been told that 11.00 will fix perk and re-perk rewards, which will be more than 24 weeks or nearly 6 months after the higher level missions were added. This is something that could've been fixed very quickly and built good will with players that have stuck with the game the longest. It shouldn't take half a year to fix the broken reward structure especially when there were numerous posts on this sub with how to fix it.


Lack of communication and poor communication have been the theme of Season 10 for STW. First let's look at a little history. We received a roadmap on 8/9 that detailed nothing of importance. It was the first roadmap in two months (the previous being 6/7) and the previous roadmap was of similar quality. Both roadmaps covered only a few weeks and listed what heroes were coming/returning to the store and some other minor details.

Looking at other games roadmaps a good roadmap covers several months or maybe a year. They should include what features are being developed, what new mission types are being developed and provide a sense for where the game is going. At this point we have no idea where the devs want the game to be at the end of the year let alone in six months or a year from now.

Poor communication was also rampant in Season 10. On 9/7 we found out a roadmap and dev video were in the works via a comment on a random post on this sub. On 9/18 another random comment mentioned the roadmap and dev video. This comment was later updated to say both were being delayed. On 10/10 another random comment let us know the dev video was scrapped.

These comments should've been posts not buried in random threads. Hiding bad news is not a good way of keeping good standing with the player base. I personally would appreciate being told that something is being delayed or canceled as soon as that's known rather than waiting and finding out about it in random post comments.

Lastly here's a quote from Magyst from a month ago:

I visit Twitch quite often and bounce around to the majority of the Save the World streamers and engage with them (and their chat). I also reach out to them via discord and ask for feedback on features, topics, etc and compile it.. just like I do with the threads I see on reddit.

I do not favor one streamers opinion over another, nor do I do that on reddit. Everyone has their opinions and provide valid feedback and we take all of that into consideration. There are several other social platforms that provide constructive feedback.. not just reddit. <3

Up to this point I've been cordial but this is utter bullshit. I have seen the CMs in very few streams. While this is not a requirement for them as far as I know there are dozens and dozens of dedicated STW streamers that they never visit. I've personally streamed STW for a year, four to five days a week and have never had a CM comment in my chat. I watch many other smaller STW streamers and they have never had them in their streams. Saying he has been in the majority of STW streamers streams is bullshit unless he lurks without engaging the streamer in the chat. You can go on Twitch at any time of day and find at least a few dedicated streamers that actually care about the game, can provide constructive feedback and will be honest with you. Instead you spend your time in the same 4 or 5 streams. Again I have no idea if it's a requirement for you to do this but don't lie and say you are visiting the majority of STW streams.

Going Forward

The next major update is in two days. Will STW get anything new or worthwhile? We have no idea. It could be the greatest update ever or another major letdown. I hope it's the former but I have little confidence considering the last few major updates had nothing and we had to wait a month just to get another fetch quest event. By the time it is released we have enough tickets to get every event item on the first day, which again lessens the excitement.

What I want to see on Sunday is a new event with a good special mode like Challenge the Horde or Frostnite that rewards us with something other than a digital banner (mythic weapon or weapon wrap?). I want Twine rewards to be fully fixed and Twine part 1 or whatever Twine is supposed to be to be released as well as the Twine biome updated. I want toxic behavior to be addressed. While I haven't experienced it as much as others have it still happens and its been going on for far too long. I want a roadmap that details all of Season 11 and Season 12. I want to know what the long term vision is for STW. Why are we getting new heroes and weapons and grinding the resources to level them up? I also want to know when the game is going to go F2P.

What I would like to see but is not nearly as important as the aforementioned things is the finished locker. What I don't want is to read the patch notes and see only the finished locker as the big thing for STW in the 11.00 update. We were told season 11 will be worth the wait and it better be or there is a huge risk of losing most of the remaining high level player base. I don't want another lazy fetch event questline or Fortnitemares 3.0. Put some effort into using the current missions or create new missions to give us an engaging quest line. The event shouldn't feel like a chore to complete or detract from the mission objectives.

I'm giving the game until the end of the year to turn itself around. If 11.00 is a letdown I'll be disappointed but I have plenty of other games to play for the next few weeks. I have a few friends that are on the brink of quitting so for their sake and mine, so I have good players to play with, I hope we get something worthwhile this weekend.

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