Season X of Save The World – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

FortniteBattleRoyale2 - Season X of Save The World - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Since Season 11 is around 6 days away, I would just like to get a perspective and maybe possible feedback to epic (since they said they lurk and see EVERYTHING ! :P) on how Season X went for you guys by simply stating the good, bad and ugly about Season X, or if there is some other category you want to put in for something which happened in Season X,

TL,DR :- The Good, Bad, Ugly of Season X (IN MY OPINION feel free to agree or disagree) :-

– The Good – Rad Set and Locker Implementation

– The Bad – Hit The Road

– The Ugly – Twine Rewards Re-Rework and Breaking of Spawns for SSD and Endurance

The Good – Rad Weapons and Heroes along with the Team Perk Totally Rockin Out – Was just happy to see a new set which helped in defining the meta for STW going forward, giving us two options of making strong builds, either DPS based (BFTP) or Crit Based (TRO). Also, a special mention for the Locker Implementation that has begun, with emotes and pickaxes coming in already, with Wraps officially announced for Season 11 and Skins Unofficially announced to be coming in the future, hoping to receive some news on those two things as well along with some news on the Exclusive STW Item Shop that is to be featured as well

The Bad – Hit The Road – Firstly, kudos to epic for making a new event which did feel fresh, but thats the problem, it only felt fresh for the first 3-4 times a person ran it. With the same simulations (except the addition of Strangelands mid season which also came as a surprise to many since it was vaguely mentioned in the patch notes) and with only the driver being changed every week, the repetitive nature of it I suppose led people to getting bored of this game mode pretty quickly. I would have loved to see two things for this game mode, firstly, every week a new simulation could have been added, to add that extra layer of interest in the game mode and secondly, if there is a possibility, have a different biome for each run, desert biome already gets you super dizzy once you start spending too much time on it, would have loved to see maybe a City Biome or even a Jungle Biome for Hit The Road, just to add a bit of variety into it


The Ugly – The alleged rework of Twine Rewards and Breaking of Spawns in SSDs and Endurance Mode – Twine Rewards were originally reworked but didnt really work the first time out and the second time around has had a slight increase, though it was brought to our attention by Chedic, I think, that there is some sort of capping of rewards with some missions irrespective of chest level, plus, even in certain PL 108 4x EOTS Evacuate The Shelter Missions, me and my friends have ended up getting a total of 44 EOTS from time to time, so even though this change has been implemented, it has still not encouraged players to take up missions anywhere north of PL 116, since the rewards are well, still not worth it. Coming to endurance, yes Twine Endurance did get fixed but the Spawns in the other three areas are yet broken, but I think Dave The Buck has mentioned that they have been worked upon and fixed, but haven't been released yet, or will come upon us once Season 11 rolls, so hoping for some communication from Epics end soon regarding this and also a bunch of other things that are pending

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