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So, I got hacked some months ago through a leak and previous breach from HoN. Anyway, support helped me out, refunded all the stuff etc. Told me they made a hard reset so everyone would be logged out. I even reset my psw to incredibly unique ones and put 2 factor in. And yet this person is still playing on my account. Adding friends, spending vbucks and so on.

I even told Epic support that I wouldnt log in for several days, stripped the character in BR (because thats what the hacker is playing, I play save the world) naked, removed all friends and took a screenshot of my vbucks. Well, 5-6 days later when I log in, player is dressed up, got a bunch of new friends from brazil and more vbucks. I shouldnt complain because of the increase of vbucks but hey, its my account, he can buy his own. And why the hell is this person still able to play on my account?


Younger brother also tried this. Put 2 factor on his account, logged in and played on his computer. He then traveled far far away (we live in a long country) and played on another computer. It asked him to login and 2 factor yada yada. And when he came back home, he turned on his pc and just started playing. Never asked to login, 2 factor or anything.

Whats going on? Is the security system flawed? I ask them to check the logs for ip numbers. The person has even put in his personal contacts in my account and has friends from brazil- would that ring a bell? Epic support has given me the silent treatment ever since, even after all this and with clear evidence.

Surely it cant be like this from a game with millions of user and even more millions of money circulating around it.

Anyone else had or has this issue? What happened, did you finally get it fixed? Or did you give up?

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