SEMI-RANT: Does anyone else feel weirdly protective of STW?

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It's one of those situations where I don't mind us bi*ching about the game (constructively of course, hehe), "us" being the actual STW players, but today I watched a popular clickbait BR youtuber play it for the first time, I watched it out of sheer morbid curiosity but let me tell you, having his 2 cents thrown in was like nails on a chalk board.

He only played through the tutorial and the first SSD, and after the inital wow of seeing Ramirez speak, he was already saying "oh I can see why this wasn't successful." Seriously? After 15 minutes of a tutorial you can see why it "wasn't successful?"

Plus literally every character he saw and didn't recognize from BR he would comment "oh, can't wait for this guy to be in BR!" Cue my eye roll. It just pissed me off because he wasn't even done the tutorial and he said "…so are you gonna give me some vbucks now?" and it just totally speaks to the mentality of a huge portion of the new players, and people like him and his huge influence are the problem.


I don't mean to be ranting and raving but when these brain-dead BR youtubers who capitalize off of clickbait thumbnails, tell their millions of subscribers the game "isn't as good as BR" after 15 minutes, and mention "free vbucks", all it does is breed future players who don't take the game seriously and will go straight to leaching and trading. I love STW, and I love BR, but if it wasn't for STW there would be no BR so when these influential people don't even give it a chance before writing it off to their audience, I just don't think it's fair.

Edit: Title is redundant because I didn't know there was a rant flair, my bad.

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