Sentinel Hype – Personal Review

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Hype about Hype?

Hey all

So, I've been playing with the constructors on and off for a while now.

Ever since the Decoy re-work, I've been dabbling a bit more into them, particularly Sentinel Hype.

Now, I've always had her in my hero selection for a while just cause I like the way she looks (though the Epic version looks LOADS better than the legendary one), but kept her on the backburner since the whole Decoy/Plasme Pulse (which will be referred to as PPulse for the duration of this post) combo could hardly be pulled off.

However, once she get that Grease the Wheels perk, she feels a lot more consistent.

Yeah, she won't ALWAYS be getting that beautiful husk melting combo, but thanks to the cooldown reduction of the PPulse and the Decoy, I get the combo every 2 times I put down a PPulse, which is great. I tend to mix my support slot with a variety of options (Pistol/AR/Melee/Ability depending on my mood), but the tacticals are usually one of following 3.

  1. PowerBASE – Good just for making sure my Atlas (for FTS1) can sustain it's health, or any other place that will be taking hits consistently.
  2. Trailblaster Buzz – Giant spark, looks cool, damage is meh. Might helps with the aggro a bit?
  3. Riot Control – Decoy explosions causes stun (probably the best tactical to be honest).

There are probably PLENTY of ways to up the efficiency of this hero, but this is pretty much my "starting point" recommendation for anyone wanting a constructor which, in my opinion, is underrated as hell.

Just a note, there is a bug regarding "Nature" husks, where if they hit you during the activation of the PPulse, you can't use it for the rest of the match (which is the BIGGEST pain in the arse when it happens). This is a huge detriment to her since she needs to be able to put that thing down in either trap tunnels or when she gets swarmed. Once they fix this though, she should be an awesome constructor with flexibility in both ranged combat or melee combat (depending on your support slot).

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Thanks for reading!

EDIT: If anyone has any ideas on optimizing this set, feel free to comment.

I'll add them here.

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